Do You Sculpey?

sculpeydogs1.jpgYou really should. It’s tons of fun!

My oldest wanted a dog themed birthday party one year…she’d just gotten her first border collie from Grand-dad, and was in doggie-love-land. So we made up some fun outdoor games to go with the theme, and then came inside for some Sculpey fun! The result? The dogs you see in the pic.

Hobby Lobby had all we needed…

The inside cover of the book has diagrams showing actual sizes of the step-by-step shapes you’ll form out of clay. I made copies of these shape guidelines for each child at the party. It was a handy reference for them, as they each chose different dogs to sculpt. You’ll need toothpicks, sharp knives, and aluminum foil.

Besides dogs, we’ve made Christmas tree ornaments (snowmen), a penguin necklace, polar bears…and have many more projects in the book earmarked for future fun!

This is a great craft for all ages. However, I’d stick your toddlers in their high chairs with play-dough so you can sit yourself down with the older kids and sculpt, worry free.

If you don’t want to invest in the book, try the library, or the web. would be a great place to start!