First Grade Fun: Create a First Reader Book

My six year old and I had one of those satisfying days in which “school” is disguised as “fun”. If you read my homeschooling archives, you know this is my favorite kind of school. Thankfully, six year olds are easy to dupe in this context!

She’s familiar with the “easy reader” style that takes multi-letter phonograms and uses them to death for familiarity’s sake.

Well, her cousin, who is in Kindergarten, is loving the learn-to-read process, so my daughter decided it would be fun (with a little creative prodding from me, not much!) to write and illustrate an easy reader featuring the “sh” combination. First we brainstormed what animal we’d write about, then we made a list of “sh” words to incorporate into the story.

She narrowed it down to shark or sheep, and chose sheep because she really didn’t want a water-themed story. Plus, she’d learned how to draw sheep from a special feature on a Veggie-Tales dvd.

So here is her book…all her own creation! She can’t wait to give it to her cousin!

4 thoughts on “First Grade Fun: Create a First Reader Book”

  1. mom checking in…how I love those budding writers! I hope you keep that story safe and put her name and age on it…

  2. Well…we’ve made a copy…hopefully it will be preserved through the ages! Glad to see the comments worked for you!

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