My Lovely Weekend

The birds woke me Sunday morning. I wish this time of year lasted longer…this Spring-offered “open-window” fillinOpen Windowg of the house with the freshest of air-conditioning would suit me fine year round.

I say that now, knowing full well my personality hums to the cadence of each season’s tempo. Spring is definitely a high note in my year-song…windows open all night letting the cool in, and shuttered down most of the day keeping the heat out.

We spent Saturday at the city lake, and Sunday evening at a private lake. What a difference. You can guess which location I’d go back to every time. *Smile*

Boating, tubing, fishing, grilling. Watching the sun go down behind the soft green hills surrounding the water, in a pasture three thousand acres big. A space full of peace and softly waving grasses. The bugs weren’t even biting which exceeds perfect…I want to live there. Forever.

Mother’s Day morning my girls gave me the most beautiful vase full of home-picked flowers, home-made cards,The Open Window chocolate, bookmarks and coupons for lovely treats…they and DH also got me a western set of dishes (yes a whole set) because the set came with humongous coffee cups that they could not purchase separately! A gorgeous set: cream-colored w/a sprinkling of blue speckles, and horses…a very big spree for my frugal family–I was shocked!

NowWoman in a Garden of Peonies we buckle down to finish up the last two weeks of school, though we did break to water the flowers and filled the wading pool for later…had a picnic lunch…spent an hour at the library, and bought more flowers to plant…

And arrived home to find DH had started the AC.

Farewell to blowing curtains and birdsong. And with that, I’m headed outside!

3 thoughts on “My Lovely Weekend”

  1. It was tranquil and lovely, for sure…I’ve been thinking of that lake wistfully. Today’s been rainy and busy, and the rest of the week doesn’t look much different!

    Thanks for coming by!

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