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Praying For Your Child’s Future Spouse

I just finished reading Forever by Karen Kingsbury. Such an awesome author she is, with a way of weaving truth into real life struggles that always has me recommending her books.

While reading Forever, I came across this beautifully worded passage between a mother and daughter, and just had to share it here. The teenage daughter has been openly sharing her frustrations with the opposite sex, and her mother tells her that this means their prayers are being answered.

“Prayers?” Bailey loved these moments when no one else was around and she and her mom could share their hearts so easily.

“Yes.” She reached out and framed Bailey’s face with her hands. “Since you were born we’ve prayed for you. Your father and I. We prayed that God would make you into that one-in-a-million girl who wouldn’t be dragged into something you’d regret. We prayed that love wouldn’t really awaken in you until it was God’s timing. These years are for you and God, so you’ll become who He wants you to be.”

That love wouldn’t really awaken in you until it was God’s timing. Wow. What a great prayer.

I’ve prayed from all my girls’ cradles for their future husbands, hoping they were being raised in godly homes with righteous standards and strong father-figures. But I’ve sorely neglected praying for my daughters’ “dating years”…so reading this was really convicting to me.

I’ll just leave you with a snippet of my mom’s comment to my “Happy Anniversary to Me” post the other day…

“…And when your dh appeared in your life, we knew that God’s faithfulness was at work. I feel so strongly that all your blogging friends should make a commitment to be praying daily and wisely for the mate each child will meet down the road. Your Dad and I pray for each of our grandchildren in that way. That is our main prayer request as we move along through life.”