June 15, 2024

Projects This Week

Project #1

Antique Dresser

I’m fulfilling a long-time dream this week–refinishing an antique dresser! I’ve always wanted the thrill of removing decades of dirt and varnish to reveal beautiful wood grains beneath. This simple piece (no carving, perfect first project!) was built by my husband’s great-grandfather and painted black. We’ve used it on our back porch, as a storage dresser–one drawer for gloves, one for hats, one for outdoor blankets, etc. Alas, I ran out of the stuff I was using to strip the paint, but am anticipating getting more…and also talking to the experts at the hardware store about the next steps (linseed oil? staining? shellac?) in this learning process. Can’t wait till it’s done! I’ve taken “before” pics, I’ll be sure to post them with “afters” here on the blog. It’s such a stately dresser, with 5 drawers and standing off the ground on four legs.

Project #2

I took the metal air conditioning vent-covers (very old-fashioned looking!) out of my girls’s room. Hubby blasted them, then I cleaned them and spray painted them a nice beige. Easy project, and they needed a makeover!

Project #3

Took the crib down, put it away, and deep cleaned our bedroom in the process, sans closet. Also set up a sewing corner where the crib used to be…my oldest has been whirring away in there every day since!

Project #4

Went through my kitchen cupboards in frustration and set aside several things to give away. How many mixing bowls do I need anyway? Talk about bulging cabinets, now I can open my spice cupboard without a barrage of dill and oregano shooting out at me!

Project #5

Went through the daughters’ clothing, weeding where necessary.

That’s all folks.

Did I mention I get a little nesting crazy when it’s about homeschooling time again?

We started school yesterday! More on that some other time…

Meanwhile, anybody have any tips on my dresser project?

By the way, visit Weekend Kindness today, I’m guest blogging there with a post titled: Wives, Let’s Get Serious!

8 thoughts on “Projects This Week

  1. cant wait to see the photos about project 1
    my father once restored an old chair he found at the dump
    its lovely

    sounds like your busy!!

    have a good home schooling year

  2. Amy, how exciting! I’ll be looking forward to updates and pics!

    Leticia, I did it all in two days, do I get extra points? Lol!

    Thanks, Jen! It’s so much fun to turn trash into treasure, I’ve always wanted to know how!

    Glad it motivated you, Colleen! Your cleaning posts usually do the same for me… 🙂

  3. Aren’t you guys moving soon? Or have you already? My favorite projects are fixer-upper houses, paint can do so much! I’m no good with a saw though…wish I could jet over!

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