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Is anyone else longing for Spring? I’m so fickle! I love the cozy, house bound days of winter. Snow outside, me and mine inside. Good times. But yesterday as the […]

Is anyone else longing for Spring?

I’m so fickle! I love the cozy, house bound days of winter. Snow outside, me and mine inside. Good times. But yesterday as the temperature inched into the 60’s, a part of me flung itself open wide and got drunk on fresh air!

I actually lugged our TV/VCR out onto the deck and did aerobics with an old tape of the Fitness Beach ladies while the girls frolicked in the mud yard, resurrecting last fall’s sandpile toys and leaping for joy on the lonely trampoline.

Two days before, our most recent snow fall had just melted into oblivion. Last night we had the grand mafia of thunderstorms. Today the snow is supposed to fly again. I look around me and see a house in need of Spring airing. Children in need of vigorous, rousing outdoor fun. A husband getting too old to work outside in single digit temps for weeks at a time. And then there’s me, craving an outdoor living room.

Winter, my friend, have mercy on me. Till next December.

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Yesterday was such a wonderful day. When James got home I took big sister for a walk. She was so excited to be outside her little legs could not move fast enough. She tripped 4 times, trying to get all of her winter blues run out.

I’m with you, Mary! I’m SOOOOO tired of winter. This morning when I took my daughter to school it was 3 degrees…below ZERO! I couldn’t even get the car warm enough to quit fogging the windows everytime I exhaled. Sigh. Mary, I feel your pain 🙂

I am longing for Spring also! As soon as it’s past New Year’s, then I am hoping to see those crocuses popping up through the ground. However, our house is up to its eaves in snow still…literally. So I think Spring may be awhile off for us. And to top it all off it is snowing outside right now…

Thanks, Jen! Wish I could have done the same thing today, but cold and wet don’t appeal! lol

Andrea, the winter doldrums are hard on everybody, especially the littles. I’m so glad you guys got out to enjoy it yesterday!

Oh Georgiana, COLD. Please keep it. We’re supposed to get to 15 tonight, and everything is slicker than you know what out there.

Geri, up to your eaves? I’m so glad all of ours melted, even though it means mud. I keep seeing our corn delivery man leaving ruts in my yard last time he delivered…and it’s about that time again. It’s WAY too muddy…and hugs dear friend on the current snow, we’re supposed to get more tonight also…


Okay, I realize I can’t really comment here from California… but I will anyway.
Try something new this winter: wintersowing.
I’m planting seeds now, today, in mini greenhouses made of gallon milk jugs, and setting them outside to sprout when nature says it’s warm enough. We don’t get snow here, but all the wintersowing experts live where it snows. It’s actually a little trickier here where it could warm up too fast. Last year I had early, hardy sprouts of dozens of flowers and veggies ready from my own seeds (meaning cheaper than buying the little plants in spring.) I only did the easy simple plants, and they ALL grew and I had more plants than I could find room for. It sure made winter go by friendlier, especially when we start to want spring. Even if you only plant some for a few planters by your front door, it’s fun to do. My kids had fun too.

Ha! I saw you’d commented on this post and immediately thought: Okay, Cena’s going to rub her sunshine in my face! Lol, you are way too kind. Enjoy that warm weather for me! We have 6 inches of snow as I type…

And THANK you for passing the wintersowing info on to me! I can’t wait to check it out, it might be just what we need to brighten up the drears!

I just planted a plastic box (that came with raw spinach from Costco) with allysum seeds. In a few weeks I’ll plant them out in little plugs and have huge white flowery clumps this spring among my other flowers. I’m looking for my heirloom tomato seeds next. I fished another gallon milk carton out of the garbage today (my own garbage…) I’ve got lettuce, chard, spinach, and kale going already. I never had luck growing from seed before wintersowing last year.

Oh Cena, I ate up the comments on the wintersowing threads and printed off Donn’s instant bed instructions, and his pictures! Wow…I’m very hooked. I love his pathway ideas…and I want to ILL the book on lasagna gardening!

I also found another website explaining how the whole wintersowing idea came about, fascinating! I hope to do this, thanks so much for telling me about it! I’ve got some jugs already saved back, now to get some seeds…

I love Allysum, that will be so pretty in your beds!

Okay, today I’ll rub it in. 70 (barely) degrees and sunny. We just had 2 days of intense wind, so it’s very clear. I live in the central valley, which means the coastal hills are on the west and the Sierra Mountains are on the east. Today I can see both clearly as I turn my head. It’s so pretty and clear. Enjoy your snow. In a few weeks we’ll drive 2 hours to hit the slopes and ski…

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