June 15, 2024

A Three Cannister Winter

I was spooning the last of the Swiss Miss cocoa mix into my 7 year old’s mug when we laughed to ourselves that this year rates as a THREE hot chocolate winter. Normally one family-sized cannister of Swiss Miss sees us through the cold months, but we’re on probably the third or fourth cannister–can’t remember.


My hubby heard that there was a chance for snow in the forecast last weekend and promptly began fantasizing his revenge. He says he’ll build a huge snowman and take it apart with a baseball bat. Or a stick of dynamite. Or run over it with his truck. And let the neighbors pay to take their own turns…

Oh please be kind. Remember my husband has to work out in the stuff from 6 A.M. on day in, day out. And he does know that God sends the white stuff…he just enjoys shocking me with his dark side.


We decided not to buy more corn for our corn stove…after all, spring is coming, right? So we’re burning wood in our fireplace, which has an insert with vents to blow out the heat. The living room temperature went from forty-seven Sunday morning (before wood) to eighty-four degrees Sunday night . Just like summer in here. I’m even wearing shorts.

What are your musings about this past winter?

10 thoughts on “A Three Cannister Winter

  1. We didn’t really get a nice winter, well it was cold, but we only got one day of snow and then it all melted away.

    My husband also works in the cold and in the summer, the miserable heat. It gets up to 140 degrees in his building, no thanks!

    I am ashamed to say I was too lazy to make my homemade chocolate cocoa, my mom’s recipe, my monkeys never asked and I didn’t volunteer, now I wish I had, I love that stuff!

    Leticia’s last blog post..I am sick!

  2. Your sister’s mil also has an unusual very good recipe for hot cocoa, Mary. There are a lot of those recipes out there. What I am wondering is why we don’t make them? Is there not really that much savings involved? I needed to buy fudge topping and caramel topping at the store this morning but was really hampered by my budget. I knew there were recipes out there so I came home and looked up ganache (chocolate topping) on the internet and got a recipe I’m going to try. Also one for caramel. It was kind of fun planning to make my own. You can tell me Thursday, Mary, if it was worth saving the money and making my own. I’m not nearly as busy as you dear young moms so the time involved is not such a crunch as it is for you all.

  3. I don’t have any musings about winter yet but when we go into it around June/July I”m really looking forward to the warm snug cosy nights spent with a good book in front of the fire 🙂

    Amy’s last blog post..This week?

  4. Being from SC (it’ll be 78 there tomorrow), the little snow and cold temps we got here in KY was enough for me! Lydia learned the word “snow” which was fun (although she also thinks cotton is snow).
    I freeze when it’s below 50 so I am very eager for warm weather! Well, maybe not as eager as I usually am since I’m pregnant (only 9 weeks now) and will be gaining during those hot months. I’ll still take that over the cold!
    When it’s August, I’ll be thinking of the hot cocoa and longing for Christmas though.

  5. My musings about this past winter is that it’s taking too long…lol. Last weekend it was snowing…huge fluffy flakes. We still have around 4 ft of snow all through our yard. It’s slowly melting but I just can’t wait for spring!

  6. I’m always looking forward to winter as well…those cozy days in November and December, when we’re all hoping for snow! I’m so fickle, because now all I can think about is the mud and muck it leaves behind! Thank God for seasons, is all I can say!

    Leticia, I only made homemade hot chocolate twice this winter…so don’t feel too bad!

    Mom, I remember that recipe…that would be handy to keep around. All my homemade hot chocolate recipes are for instant consumption, not a mix to keep on hand. I’m impressed that you made the homemade caramel and fudge toppings, and can’t wait to taste them! Wow…

    Amy, I know what you mean…and winter is nice after a long hot summer!

    Really, MIn? We had a ton of days perfect for tubing here. And forget the snowblowers, we country people get out the tractors and snow plows! 😉

    Big hugs, Amy M, on your great news!! I’m so happy for you guys…hopefully you’re feeling well, etc? Maybe this summer will be mild, it’s always uncomfortable going through the heat of summer at the middle-to-end of pregnancies. I have no idea what kind of summers Kentucky is prone to…

    Geri, you have to be one tough woman in your neck of the woods. I can’t imagine the kind of snowfalls you’ve described…and feel pretty pathetic complaining about more chances of mud when you still have 4 feet sitting around! Wow!

  7. Wow, I can’t imagine working outside in the winter. I’ve been thinking that it’s almost time to retire my winter jacket for another season…with that comes a much larger electric bill – ick!

  8. I sure don’t blame your husband for feeling that way…the winter gets old, and he has to be outside in it. I can’t even think how hard that would be. That is a big difference in temp in your home! You can let in some fresh air, and still have a nice temp! I do that sometimes, I just long for fresh air, even in the cold.

  9. I can’t imagine it either, Colleen, but he wouldn’t be happy behind a desk all day so I guess that’s his alternative of choice! He’s ready to lay aside all his winter gear also…he has SO much of it, talk about carting around a lot of extra weight!

    Juli, I’ve been wondering how you and yours are feeling this week? I get to longing for fresh air also, and it’s such a big no-no to open windows in the winter time when you’re trying to conserve fuel, etc. So you’re right, I was enjoying the excuse to stand in the open doorway for a while and let a few gusts of cold wind drop the indoor temp a bit! It was getting way too hot in here though, so we let the fires go out last night…still, it’s 68 in here! Perfect…

    Let me know how your family is! 😉

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