Head’s Up, Moms: Dry Drowning

This is so scary! Juli emailed me this link today, and I felt it was worth alerting all of you. A young boy died hours after swimming, even after walking […]

This is so scary! Juli emailed me this link today, and I felt it was worth alerting all of you. A young boy died hours after swimming, even after walking home with his mom and sister…later his mom found him in bed, his face covered with a ‘spongy white material’…

Read the article for more details and signs to watch for.

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Hmmm…this is disturbing, but I gave a pause when I heard that he had defecated on himself? That would have alarmed me.

This is very tragic and I don’t mean to criticize, but his mom just lost her child and there was nothing there, totally indifferent. I would have been in hysterics. I guess everyone is different, but that bothered me as well.

However, I will be watching my children extra close when they swim at grandma’s house.

Leticia’s last blog post..SKIZZER….A WONDERFUL READ!!

When I first read this article in the news I was very alarmed. Lydia is only 18 months and she has not yet mastered tilting her head back during shampoo rinsing. It has become quite a game for her to pour a cup of water on her own head…laughing as she sputters and coughs. I was initially worried that she could secondarily drown herself by dumping water on her head! Some article I read suggested children could inhale water in the bath that could cause this phenomenon. I have since read numerous articles and responses to this tragedy, most of which have comforted me to some extent. I think if secondary drowning is a possibility, the child would have been at the bottom of the pool and pulled out…not just coughing a little from an ounce of water being inhaled. I also think it’s interesting that this child was autistic…I wonder if that has anything to do with what happened. I mean, maybe the severity of the almost drowning wasn’t as easily recognized. I don’t know. Anyway, interesting, but very sad news.
A reminder that our lives are but a vapor, and our children are fully in God’s hands.

Thanks for the link, MIn. I agree, it does seem a little fishy. Last year our toddler surprised me at a hotel pool by jumping into the middle of the hot tub, it was over her head and she just flailed underwater until I got there…seconds felt like minutes. I hauled her gasping self out and counted my blessings. She was fine, but reading about this really made me reflect on how it all turned out well for us. Whew!

That part would have alarmed me too, Leticia. I guess I didn’t read a lot into the mom’s lack of reaction, I was still reeling over the shock of him dying AFTER the fact.

Hi Amy! 🙂 Definitely a good reminder on the brevity and preciousness of our children’s lives. I’ve been feeling a strong pause lately when I consider my firstborn…in the good good times I just linger over her and feel like God is going to use her. Sometimes my imagination runs forward to how horrible it would be to lose her, any of my kids of course, but for some reason, she’s the one on my heart lately. In one of those moments, the song, “Roses Will Bloom Again” began playing…and I started to cry. It encapsulated the pull I’m feeling of wanting her to be a part of whatever God has planned…but not being ready to let Him have her completely yet. I guess we all have to be willing, b/c it will come to that someday at age 18 at the very least!

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