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We’ve Got Eggs!

My girls and their cousins came flying in the house yesterday afternoon proudly brandishing a smallish, brown egg! Our FIRST egg! We’re so excited! Then today, they caught one of our Buff Orpingtons in the act! Talk about fresh!

Woo-hoo! Omelettes, anyone?

I just love our chickens. Haven’t lost a one, yet…though I’ve scrambled out of bed after midnight and out the door to belatedly pen them up and they’re always in their roosts, happy little things.

I guess we’ll see how we do with 25 eggs a day. All my friends and family have been saving their egg cartons for us…I’ve got them stacked to the attic rafters, but good night, do you think I’ll need another refrigerator? I’ve read that the eggs can be stored at room temperature for weeks without spoiling, as long as you don’t wash them. But I’m not going to risk it. Here’s another picture, one that makes me happy. My favorite time of day, early morning, letting the chickens out in their coop to scratch around in the food scraps I’ve pitched out to them…

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My parents had chickens when I was yonger. I live in town, so I can not have them. I think that is awesome. Farm fresh eggs are so costly to buy. How neat!

Um, Amy, we have dogs too, so that’s always a concern! We’re playing it safe and keeping the chickens ranging time limited to a roomy coop, rather than our yard. So far, so good. But your comment cracked me up!

Colleen, wish I could share eggs with you!

MIn, unfortunately, it will take us years to recoup the money we’ve spent out on having chickens! My dh’s time alone, in getting a chicken house put together for the biddies…the chicken wire for their fencing was costly, and chicken feed is probably going to be $15-20 a month. It would help if I could sell some of the eggs regularly. Even at a dollar a dozen…but I’m not sure how to go about peddling my wares! 😉 Sure sorry that your son’s allergies haven’t abated any. That makes it so hard, especially on mom, planning and cooking meals.

Juli, my grandparents had chickens and I sure loved to chase them…so bad of me. I remember chicken butchering time, and also being frightened to reach in under a roosting hen to check for eggs!

U know I think having yur own source of food is such a great idea. Chicken’s specially free range chicken are such a good source of food. If you’re to squeamish to eat the chickens themselves (not judging, some are) their eggs are great, better then store bought, and I’ve read filled with omega-3 fatty acids and a whole lot more nutrition. I currently contemplating moving to the country to raise free range chickens and other food sources, garden, animal,etc.

And that was on August 14th! We’re still only getting one egg a day…evidently we’ve got a little red hen out there working hard for us! Not sure why the others aren’t shelling them out…

Hope yours come soon! We saved ours up the first week till we had enough for a couple of omelettes…thought they’d be mostly yolks, but they had the cutest little yolks in them! The omelettes were fluffy and light colored just like our store-bought eggs! VERY delicious!

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