June 15, 2024

Posting at Writer…Interrupted Today

A new school year always sends me into a dither…juggling fifth and third graders and a very motivated preschooler means not verra much time for moi! Not to mention the whole housekeeping OR homeschooling dilemma!

But some good things have come of it…come see pics from our first day of school and read all about my adjustments!

Thought this pic of my youngest juggling cukes about sums it all up! Lately it seems I’ve been blogging by the skin of my teeth…sorry about that!

(Oops, wordpress isn’t letting me post the picture…I’ll try again later!)

4 thoughts on “Posting at Writer…Interrupted Today

  1. I wish! It’s ‘spensive in these here parts! 😉

    I did try Window’s Live Writer, but I haven’t been able to publish posts with picture from there in a long time. I think maybe when we upgraded to the newest WordPress is the last time it would transfer photos. I get a 404 “forbidden” message. It transfers posts just fine if they don’t have pictures. In fact, last night when I was working on this post, everything was bare bones in the dashboard. It gave me none of the usual options to insert links, etc. So I did all that in WLW and copied it here. Kind of a roundabout way, but it worked. I still can’t upload pics from my computer, I have to upload them to flickr first and use the URL to image them in a post. Any ideas? You think it’s just my dial up connection? It never used to be a problem, I’m still averaging about 50 Kbps when on the internet.

    Mary’s last blog post..Posting at Writer…Interrupted Today

  2. Puh-leeze. There are days when I look at the clock and say–“oh dear it’s 5:30. wonder what we should have for dinner…”

    As far as cleaning, I hired a couple of homeschooled teens to come over once a week…maybe that would help?

    Girl, I think you got it together. IMHO.

    Jessica’s last blog post..My Three Babies

  3. Lol, I hate days like that but they happen! What I’m *trying* to get across, is that the MORE I have to cram into a day, the more disciplined I’m learning (most of the time!) to be!

    Hiring help to clean would be lovely, but I’ve got my own older girls…I just need to delegate, right? Plus, we wouldn’t be able to justify the cost of hiring a housekeeper. And *I’M* the only one who seems to care what the house looks like, grr! 😉

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