June 15, 2024

A stopping place for your child

Today’s my Thursday at Writer…Interrupted. I’m musing about the incredibly delicate balancing act we mothers with “side-interests” face. Hope you come over there and share your thoughts too.

On other fun topics, it’s about baby chick time again! And my original flock of 25 is fine and dandy. Spring must be in the air, as egg production is bumping up even without my daily dosing of their feed with cayenne pepper!

My 4.5 year old is reading! And loving it! All this after discovering she could spell with the kindergartners and first graders at our homeschool co-op’s practice spelling bee. She did so well we dusted off the early readers we had laying around and she’s addicted.

I’ve ordered some beautiful copywork books from queenhomeschool.com, and can’t wait till their arrival! Also have a fun music book on its way from playbyear.com. Fun, fun!

What’s new with you?

2 thoughts on “A stopping place for your child

  1. Side interests…hmmm. Wanting to write and actually doing it are sometimes a frustrating addition to life. You’ve got something to say or you’re at a crucial part of your story and your other priority kicks in! Its true also of being a Christian. Priorities are so important for us and distractions occur almost moment by moment sometimes. How do you keep your priorities where they belong? I guess if we want our children to understand priorities, they’ll have to see them working in our lives as Moms.

    1. Definitely agree with your thoughts on this, Mom. I’ve always believed that if we keep God first, everything else will fall into place. But keeping Him first isn’t second nature, it takes “intention”. I miss the euphoria of living in the writing fog, but I know at this time in my life, it’s healthier and safer for me to let it take a back seat. Though it’s been in the “trunk” for a long while now!

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