May 28, 2024

Why Home-steeped Hope?

cupoteaAn invitation to linger…

“Tea was once reserved for the upper classes who had time on their hands. Nowadays, it’s the opposite. We’re so busy that we take tea to escape from the pressure and the fast pace, especially when someone invites, ‘Oh, do come for tea…’ Now, you have an excuse to linger.” ~Gail Greco

When I named my website  Home-steeped Hope, I envisioned two women chatting, seated around a humble kitchen table. Maybe they’d just prayed together or completed a simple study, because a Bible lay open before them. Now, however, their hands cradled steaming mugs and whether sipping on coffee or tea, or sharing joys or heartaches—with a treasured friend, there’s no better way of cultivating hope. Especially when you have the Lord in common.

My name is Mary.  I’ve been awol from blogging for the past 3 years due to, well, life and helping care for my elderly parents, and just plain needing more time in my day. I’m twenty-five years happily married to my handsome cowboy-man-of-all-trades, and a homeschooling mother of three girls—two graduated who are 21 and 18,  and our youngest  who is 14 years of age. With a never-finished list of projects, I’m always wishing for more time to build up the relationships I cherish. By now you realize I’m a Christian…who loves any excuse to linger…

Our modest little home is nestled into a hillside embedded with limestone rocks and trees, and dotted with barns. We raise horses, goats, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, chickens for their organic free-range eggs,  and Jersey and Guernsey cows for their delicious creamy milk.  Our little corner of mid-western heaven is a constant work-in-progress, one that teaches me something new every year!

We’re blessed to be surrounded by both of our extended families, and we enjoy fellowshipping over God’s word with believers in our small community. I’m constantly learning there is no better relationship builder between believers than working together for a common goal.

I look forward to “lingering” here, to discovering together those small daily differences we each can make. So often, it’s the simple things which enrich our relationships, and feed hope to our souls.

Welcome to “Home-steeped Hope”!

9 thoughts on “Why Home-steeped Hope?

  1. I sure have enjoyed your website! I am a homeschool mom and I appreciate the simple things in life too! May God Bless you and your family!

    1. Thank you for saying so, Becky! God is good to give us a little heaven on earth full of the simple joys of family, friends and faith. I’m so glad you stopped by, hope you come back again. It’s always a blessing to me to hear of other like-minded mommies out there, trying to do their best by their children, and loving it every, well, almost every, step of the way! ;O)


  2. hi mary~
    stumbled upon your blog by researching lemons, uh, well, you know what i mean. lol. anyways, just glad to “meet” another homeschooling mom on the web. i have my own (neglected) blog but i honestly don’t know what the address is but i do know it’s on blogspot. just saying hi. my username is joyful saint~

    1. Hi Angela! “Hugs” to you, fellow homeschooling Mama! I will try to find you on blogspot! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, hope you come back often!

  3. I came across your website while surfing for variations of Amish Friendship Bread….and what a breath of fresh air you have offered me! Thank you for taking the time to do this, especially knowing that your time is very valuable considering all that keeps you busy on a daily basis. I admire your values and enjoy your writing and your good ole’ home-fashioned ideas.

    1. Well, you are a breath of fresh air for me too just with this comment! Thanks for taking the time to share here. Hope you come back! I’m long overdue to write another blog post…got one brewing!

      Have a great rest ‘o the week, Amber!


  4. I was searching out salsa recipes and came upon yours. I too home schooled my five youngest children. Yes it is a Christian household although out of eight children only three regularly attend church but the seeds have been sown.
    In a world that is becoming increasingly more difficult to profess being a Christian, you are a ray of sunshine.
    I too linger over tea, morning, noon and night. When stress hits, kettle goes on, when someone calls with great news it goes on to celebrate.
    God Bless

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