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Been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. Sigh. It’s tranquil, with dark brown wallpaper and a wildflower/hanging basket border. Don’t worry it’s not too dark, the cream […]

Been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. Sigh. It’s tranquil, with dark brown wallpaper and a wildflower/hanging basket border. Don’t worry it’s not too dark, the cream tongue-in-groove woodwork on the lower half lightens it up. No, we’re not re-decorating, we’re toilet training.

Day One, Monday–I’m set. Toddler’s been showing signs of awareness for two months now, can’t put it off any longer. Besides, I’m out of diapers! My supply of training pants is never-ending, I’m stocked up on all of toddler’s favorite drinks…got marshmallows for incentives! By the end of the day we’re gonna have this baby trained!

10 A.M. Maybe this is going to be harder than I thought

4 P.M. First success! (After about 20 failures!)

Day Two, Tuesday–Toddler definitely was not ready to toilet train, but I’m not giving up. She’s got to catch on soon!

Blessing #1: Thankfully I put her in a pull up for the drive to Grammy’s…cause she had her first and only bowel movement since we began this roller coaster ride!

Blessing #2: I’m coming to appreciate the two mattress pads I own. One is protecting our couch, the other my wool rug. Sigh. My laundry detergent supply is getting low. Patience?…we won’t even go there.

Lightbulb Moment #1: 9:30 A.M. I hear a gasp and a “whoopsie!” as toddler looks down at the puddle at her feet. (have I mentioned that I’m very blessed to have only linoleum and wood flooring in our house?)

Lightbulb Moment #2: 3 P.M. For the FIRST time, toddler comes running saying “Go potty Mommy!” It’s dripping down her legs, but she’s getting the concept! (TELL MOMMY WHEN YOU NEED TO GO!)

Day Three, Wednesday–Toddler’s self esteem is sinking. She’s made so many messes, she knows to take me right to them. My song and book routine in the bathroom is getting really old to both of us. So I take a doll in and we have her go “potty” (I pour a small cup of water behind doll where my toddler can’t see it). This fascinates my twenty-six month old. Now that’s all she wants to do. Every 2 minutes. Today, she had 14 accidents before noon. How this is possible, no clue. We were on the pot most of the morning.

What I’ve learned today: Toilet-training+homeschooling=INSANITY

to be continued…

P.S. Please pray for us!

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How old is toddler? I remember those days with my own children. Don’t worry, it might take time, with mine it took probably a good few months to fully train them on the toilet. Just keep encouraging her and maybe one of her favourite toys can sit on it when she’s not, summer is a great time to let toddlers run around the backyard with training pants on 🙂

She’s two years two months old. And the little bugger had me fooled into thinking she was ready!
We spent the whole afternoon outside, giving her a break as she ran around in her training pants (and only had one accident! stinker!)and the girls and I finished school in peace!
Thanks for the encouragement, Amy!

I’m thinking about starting PT with my 2yr3mo DD who constantly thinks she “haffa go potty, mommy.”

My thought on this one: I think maybe even little toddlers can overthink things. When DS potty trained at 3yr, I think he went to the bathroom (usually in his pants) more than 4 or 5 times an hour. How is that even possible? Too much brain work, I say. They probably get so caught up in trying to “get it right” that they think -> begin having an accident -> stop themselves. . . and repeat the cycle all day. And then when they make it to the potty, they probably stop short out of excitement and still have half-full bladders to empty out.

Just my thoughts, but if I could figure out how to make my DD think *just enough* to potty train, but not enough to psych herself into “haffing to go potty” every 10 or 20 min., I think we’d have it down pretty quick.

Good luck! I’ll be “right there with ya” in a week or so.

Hi Mary, I posted my apple pie recipe. It’s there for the taking. Then I scrolled down on your page and saw the french bread recipe and wouldn’t you know it, I was going to make some this afternoon for dinner. I don’t “love” the recipe I have so I am excited to give yours a try! Thank you.

My girls are so old I barely remember potty training. I wish I could help.

Our oldest was pretty straightforward, but our youngest keeps saying that he has to go potty but has had one successful attempt– all over the floor.

Our oldest lectures the youngest everytime he wets his diaper, though!

thanks all for the encouragement! I’m less stressed (ie: feeling your prayers!) and so is toddler. I like what you pointed out, Erika, that all the mini-accidents are likely her body’s way of trying to hold it, and not succeeding.
I tried to train my oldest when she was 18 months, and quickly gave it up. She trained easily at 2 1/2. Then with #2, I waited till she was 3 and she trained in 3 days with never another accident.
I’m sticking to my guns with toddler, she’ll get it, my expectations were just too high!

Oh, yeah, been there done that! It all depends on the child, really, they will let you know when they are ready.

It does take a lot of love and a large amount of patience, but once it begans you will be dancing in the street.

She will do it on her own time and in her own way, to rush her just be there when she falls, so to speak.

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