June 15, 2024

Hysterectomy Support

In researching for one of my novels, I came upon this wonderful site: Hyster Sisters. What a great source of information and support not only for the woman undergoing the procedure, but also for her daughters, her husband and any other family member who wants to know what to expect and how best to help from the initial diagnosis all the way through the recovery process.

This website has everything. It’s visually attractive, has message boards, book recommendations, health supplement recommendations, articles, and a very gracious peaceful atmosphere. If my mom or sister or friend were undergoing a hysterectomy, this site would be invaluable in my opinion.

My heart goes out to anyone facing this procedure. Big sigh. My heroine faces ovarian cancer, thus the research into hysterectomies. Though second-hand is nothing to actual experience,  writing these chapters was feeling the heart-stopping, mind-reeling, lung-gasping reaction to two certain buzzwords: cancer and hysterectomy. (It also made me very aware of how silent a killer ovarian cancer is. It’s hardly ever caught in time, and reaches quite a span of women from teens to the elderly.)

And yet, hysterectomies are not always necessary. For instance, if you’re suffering from a pelvic organ prolapse, there are other alternatives.  Please, don’t rely soley on your medical dr’s opinion. Do your own research. You may still end up going the hysterectomy route, but at least you’ll feel good about your decision being the right one.

Find out what a “swelly belly band” is and why you want one before surgery. Buy yourself or your loved one The Princess Package complete with nightshirt, the Hyster Sisters book, mug and crown…

And for the one out there with an appointment next week, my prayers are with you! Hugs!

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  1. Hi! Just visiting from the Writer’s Interrupted list and wanted to check out your nice blog. I loved that Hyster Sister site when I had my hysterectomy a few years ago–great support and info! Stop by sometime.


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