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The Best Medicine

I’m posting today at Writer…Interrupted, a post of encouragement for parents of sick children. As an extension of that, I wanted to mention that there’s nothing nicer than a care […]

I’m posting today at Writer…Interrupted, a post of encouragement for parents of sick children.

As an extension of that, I wanted to mention that there’s nothing nicer than a care package when the germies have been making their unwelcome rounds. My oldest sister stopped in last fall, during our bout of influenza, and dropped off a grocery bag of goodies including:

  • individual sized squirt bottles of Sunny D
  • Campbell’s “Soup at Hand”–their microwaveable “heat and sip” soups
  • lip balm

My mother in law is another one for spoiling sick loved ones, only her “care packages” usually contain:

  • jello or pudding cups
  • gogurts (yogurt in a tube, good frozen or thawed)
  • juice boxes
  • Pedialyte
  • half a dozen cans of varying kinds of chicken soup (chicken noodl-o’s, chicken and stars, Dora chicken noodle soup…)
  • crackers
  • new books or toys

And my mom still sends over a kettle of chicken and dumplings, which always seems to me, to be the best medicine of all. That and her prayers…

What traditions have you lovingly brought into your family’s healing processes? I’d love to hear about them!

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I want to be sick at your house…no one takes care of me like that around here…usually it is…GET OUT OF HERE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE….
I am home today from work w/ a dizzy, spinny headache…the ache is not as bad as the spinny….dizzy part…thank goodness…

Flat 7-up. Its something my Grandma always used, and it always makes me feel better. Its better than water when your sick to your stomach and acts just as good as pedialite and its cheaper.

ROTFLOL, Beck! We need that tradition! How hilarious…we use old ice cream buckets here too…never thought to decorate…hee hee…thanks for sharing that!

Jan, so sorry you’ve got the dizzy/headache junk. I used to get that really regular on wet cold days, and someone thought it could be I was really susceptible to barometer changes? My doctor told me to take sudafed, someone else said to hold my nose and blow to “pop” my ears, and that really sometimes eased the dizziness. Thank God it never happens to me these days. I really feel for you, it’s miserable.

Bethanie, I agree on the flat 7-Up or Sprite. My mom used to always do that for me, it was the only time I got pop as a child, so I loved it! 😉

I remember as a little girl my mom would set us up in our bedroom, roll in the tv and bring us all kinds of books to read, and crossword puzzles.

And of course, her delicious homemade chicken soup!

I really miss that.

Just think what this Campbell’s soup generation is missing out on, huh, Leticia! Homemade is always the best, but I’m sure grateful for the ease of canned, especially when *I’m* the sick one!

Some of my peoples have sore throats today, I’m hoping it’s just from the super cold house. We’re dragging our feet about getting the corn stove going for winter…ahhh, that time of year again…lol

What a great idea! I had a 24 hour bug (I think it was something I ate) and all I could do was lay in bed. The poor kids had to get their own dinner while hubby was out. They chose bagels and pepperoni! I’m better now and will have to remember this for when my friends are sick.

Bagels and pepperoni! That’s the Italian in them! 😉 Actually, my middle daughter would go for that too…she loves pepperoni sandwiches at Subway. Glad your bout was quick. We’ve all had a fling with head colds here, no stomach bugs so far. And hopefully we’ll be immune the rest of the season.

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