Sick Family, Surviving Influenza

Day three of what I’d call influenza…high fever, chills, general malaise, occasional stomach upset. I looked it up online though, and found the following at the CDC website, and by […]

Day three of what I’d call influenza…high fever, chills, general malaise, occasional stomach upset. I looked it up online though, and found the following at the CDC website, and by the way, I’m still glad we didn’t get the flu vaccine!

Uncomplicated influenza illness is characterized by the abrupt onset of constitutional and respiratory signs and symptoms (e.g., fever, myalgia, headache, malaise, nonproductive cough, sore throat, and rhinitis). Among children, otitis media, nausea, and vomiting also are commonly reported with influenza illness. Uncomplicated influenza illness typically resolves after 3–7 days for the majority of persons, although cough and malaise can persist for >2 weeks.

We got through the first night by relying on our hand-held radio’s. Yeah, I felt like a night-duty nurse whenever my nine year old pressed the call button. Then last night, I thought I’d recharged the radios but I must not have had them plugged in long enough. At eleven P.M. my fever-flushed girl stumbled out of her room and ended up sleeping in the recliner all night. Since her radio had a low battery I slept on the couch beside her. Poor thing went to bed with a 103.9 temperature. I did give her a fever reducer since it was so high, and bedtime to boot.

Got up early enough today to grab a quick bath before toddler woke crying…and burning with fever.

Six year old feels hot to the touch but won’t let me take her temp. She says she’s “cold” but otherwise acts fine, so I’ll hope for the best. UPDATE: Not acting so fine…she’s joined the ranks…

Nine year old is still running at 101-102 degrees. We’ve had beautiful weather, even into the upper 50’s/lower 60’s which has really been hard on my outside girl! I helped her to the hammock yesterday–all wrapped up in warm blankets and left her armed with a radio while the rest of us girls did the dog chores.

So thankful for praying family and friends! And for juice boxes (I was constantly washing cups), digital thermometers, movies/books…and so far, good patients!

You should see my toddler ensconced on the couch wrapped in her favorite blanket (which she calls “my heavy blankie”–it’s a fleece throw) with a wet washcloth on her forehead. So cute and so sad all at once. I’m always amazed at how sickness affects high energy toddlers.

Well, I’m glad for the weekend starting tomorrow. We’ll be missing 4H Club Days/church/Awanas, but maybe dh will get a day off and be able to help me handle the sickies. The weather is supposed to be crazy all weekend anyway. Remember, if this strikes you guys:

Adults may be infectious and able to spread influenza to others from the day before getting symptoms to approximately 5 days after symptoms start. Children may be infectious and able to spread influenza to others for 10 or more days after symptoms begin.

And everybody, please pray for my friends Jana and Holly. Both of these dear women have 6+ children and they’re going through influenza also.

Love you guys,


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Praying you all get well, soon! We just went through 2 weeks of that yuckiness! My kids both had it, and missed 2 whole weeks of school… and it wiped me right out from caring for them. šŸ™


I’m with you sister…all SIX of mine have it! To some degree or another, all the symptoms listed. I was in my room with baby while dh was in the LR with the oldest…to watch over her and help out if she needed anything. Evidently during the night she threw up all over herself and never alerted anyone! šŸ˜® Baby was up 4-5 times, poor guy can hardly breathe.

Prayers for full recovery. I am staying well, how about you?

Oh wow, so many heartfelt responses…what a boost after a tough morning! Thank you all so much…what encouragement, I feel “cyber-hugged”!

Jana–all six!? My heart goes out to you! I am staying well except for a head cold that I’m halfway into…it’s nothing compared to the flu. I know God is holding it off from both of us. We will be sure to pray for your family…

Jessica, I love that book and own it also. Did he really say up to 105? Wow. I have no problem letting the fever go up to 104, but that’s about the extent of my comfort level. Especially as my six year old started babbling deliriously at 103.5 last night AND today at lunch. She was making no sense at all and it freaked me out. The VERY bad thing about giving children a fever reducer is that they overdo it thinking they’re all better, when in reality, it’s only that their symptoms are masked. I do appreciate you sharing that. I think too many people think it’s child abuse to let a fever run its course.

Holly, glad you and yours are hanging in there and thanks for praying! The three girls are still very sick, but I’m okay, and dh only worked a half day today so he’s here to give me a break! I don’t know how single mothers DO it!

Oh Mary! Been there and done that! I am also glad I did not take the flu shot. This is just me thinking, but don’t our bodies become more immuned to the flu by not taking the shot? I think our body is able to fight off the next round a lot better.

Hope and pray your family feels better real soon.

Thanks, friends! We are hanging in there, still sick! Today we had some bright moments (fever free and feeling good) but by evening everyone felt sick again. Poor hubby has it the worst I think. Wouldn’t you know, 4 years of not missing work for sickness at a job that had paid sick leave, and now he’s missed two (tomorrow will be three) and we are at a new job with no sick pay. Ah well. I just want him to be better, he’s seriously writhing in pain from his back and headaches.

Michelle, you cracked me up replying like that! Dh and I love that line-phrase, it has way more history than that movie (Tombstone, Georgiana!) even. We use it on each other all the time too…

Appreciating the prayers…I still am well. Believe me, my favorite time these days, is when I go outside (beautiful weather lately) to do our evening chores. Fresh air, just me and the animals. Ahhh…can’t wait till my loved ones are better!

Ouch, hope your family gets better, we’ve just beeen down with the dreaded flu too – it went full blown into a chest infection but thanks to echinacea & garlic tablets we’re on the mend. btw is that you in the photo? yOu look so young šŸ™‚

Hi Amy, glad you and yours are getting better too…sadly, this sickness found me without any echinacea on hand–and the chiropractor that I usually get it from was out! So we’ve been limping along on a few other home remedies but no antibiotics so far which really makes me happy!

Yes, that’s me in the photo, taken about 3 weeks ago on my way out the door to an Awana Bible Quiz with the girls. Thanks for saying I look young…you should see me now after this harrying week. :O( I haven’t had the flu but my left shoulder/upper back & neck have been almost immobile for three days (stress and carrying around toddler constantly are my guesses!) which resulted in a horrid migraine today. There is nothing like the relief of coming down off of one of those terrible headaches. I’m thankful to be alive, lol!

My girls seem much better today, except for their coughs…

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