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Fall is Arriving

Brrr! I love fall, but it takes me a few to adjust to the cooler weather. Here I sit, wrapped in a heavy fleece blanket, thinking wishfully about my ‘orange […]

Brrr! I love fall, but it takes me a few to adjust to the cooler weather. Here I sit, wrapped in a heavy fleece blanket, thinking wishfully about my ‘orange cappuccino’ days…

Set the alarm for early this morning. Shivered through a hot bath and then 3 year old and I fixed banana pancakes and hot chocolate for everybody.
Both of my older girls were scheduled to get two primary teeth pulled at 10:30 A.M. Seems the roots weren’t dissolving, and 7 year old’s permanent teeth were pushing up behind her primary teeth. Thankfully she breezed through the extraction, her one thought that finally she would have teeth to leave for the tooth fairy… Nine year old is going to need braces, and her extractions were to free up some space for the crooked teeth angling for position in her mouth. Oh the joys of dental payments.

We squeezed in math and spelling tests before going to town, and covered science while waiting for the numbness to wear off so the girls could eat lunch.

The girls are creating dioramas for Awana and I’m musing about what to fix for supper. Any ideas? My mom’s annual gift, the Taste of Home cookbook–ooh-la-la, arrived in the mail today, but I’m curious:

What are you fixing for supper tonight?

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It’s cold here, too.
Mac and cheese loaf is probably a Canadian thing – it’s a pressed lunch meat with little chunk of processed cheese and macaroni shapes in it. Oh, it’s VILE!

not sure what’s on our menu for tonight. My oldest is away for the weekend and the younger two are at my mother’s for the night so maybe dh and myself will just do something nice and easy. You’re blessed your daughters handle going to the dentist so well. My boys are fine but my daughter well, let’s just say she’s terrified. I think my 3 will need braces as well when they’re older but for the time being she’s got an appointment at the hospital in a few months to get a tooth extracted. fun fun, not…

I love Fall! It’s cooling off here too! Tonight’s menu: chicken tenders! It’s an easy Friday night meal after a long work week! However, SR is going to make lasagna for the first time and some kraut/turkey for our Sunday dinner!

Mmm, nothing says fall like turkey, enjoy that for me, Colleen!

Jen, they are YUMMY, aren’t they? Better than banana bread for using up soft bananas!

Amy, have a wonderful time with your dh, feast on each other, lol! 😉 As per the dentist appts, I thought it would be my middle daughter having a hard time with it, she’s always been the more “fearful/questioning” one, but my oldest is the one who moped around all afternoon. I actually think it was less the “pain” than the dentist saying no trampoline or roller skating till tomorrow!

Beck, it kind of sounds yucky to me too. I like meatloaf–sometimes (prefer meatballs!), and I love homemade mac and cheese. Thanks for explaining what it is!

Funny you should ask–I made a yummy lunch (featured on blog) & was planning on ham balls for dinner, but ran out of steam. We got pizza instead.

We loved your cards. Aviana immediately covered herself in the stickers. She liked that 3yo is the same age as she. And I was impressed she can already write her name!

I’ll come over and check out that lunch! Ham balls sound good, I’ve never made them, nor eaten them that I’m aware of…now I’ll have to look them up and see what they’re made of…besides ham!

So glad Aviana liked the cards! My girls loved looking at all her hospital pics on your blog, made them really sympathize with her and want to reach out.

Mary, you have eaten them. Because I was with you! 🙂 Remember that time your folks hosted us for supper and watching old slides? Yum…I have your mom’s recipe somewhere but have never made it!

Well, I forget whats on my list….but oh…I think it had something to do with hamburger and I forgot to set in the fridge to thaw this morning. Poo
Last night we has Spagetti ( I use linguene(sp?))and garlic cheese bread.

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