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What to do when sneezing progresses to coughing, and drippy noses turn into absolutely worthless stuffed blobs in the middle of your face? Don’t know if any of you remember the hydrogen peroxide […]

What to do when sneezing progresses to coughing, and drippy noses turn into absolutely worthless stuffed blobs in the middle of your face?

Don’t know if any of you remember the hydrogen peroxide remedy I mentioned back in October…but I’ve had a chance to try it a few times and wanted to update everyone. It works!

It seems the key is catching the cold at the beginning symptoms. I soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and tilt my head, squeezing a few drops into one ear at a time. The link to all the hydrogen peroxide testimonials says to let it fizz in each ear for 5 or more minutes. I’ve done the remedy 3 times since I posted about it, twice on myself after recognizing a few cold symptoms (stuffy head, sneezing, drippy nose), and once on my daughter. And she was 3 days into her head cold before the light went on in this mom’s head to try the “hp” treatment on her. She’s infinitely better on day four!

Other things we do include taking a chewable Vitamin C and liquid echinaccea (make sure it’s a non-alcohol base). I’m really hearing a lot of good things about Congaplex by Standard Process (especially for treating recurrent Strep infections) and my medical dr always recommends sucking on a zinc lozenge. Zinc is known for boosting the immune system.

Speaking of zinc, if you’re pregnant, and wanting a good read go here: Zinc for Colds While Pregnant: How much is too much? 

Harder to swallow, is the apple cider vinegar treatment…my friend Deborah gave me the info on that…still learning. Did you know the health food stores sell a type of this vinegar that has the “mother” in it? It’s very good for you! :O) Deborah also gave me the tip to use lemon juice in the ears to bring down a fever.

I’d love to hear what works for you…

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I’ve never heard this for a head cold. I’m going to try it! I use apple cider vinegar quite often, but not for colds. I administer it when the kids say ugly words and need their mouths cleaned out!

My son has had ear troubles — wax build-up — for quite some time. A couple of years ago, we finally took him to see an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist, and she gave us the HP recipe for his ears… She said mix water & hydrogen peroxide (2 parts water, 1 part peroxide), and put a few drops in the ear… wait 5 minutes (letting it fiz), and then repeat on the other side.

It works. My son (8 yrs old) even requests this when his ears get too plugged.


Mary, I saw a comment you posted about a story you read regarding a doctor’s split-second decision about how to handle the birth of a disabled girl.

I’m really interested in finding that story and hopefully those individuals.

Do you have any more clues that would help me find it?

-Olivia F.

Mary, I saw a comment you posted about a story you read regarding a doctor’s split-second decision about how to handle the birth of a disabled girl.

I’m really interested in finding that story and hopefully those individuals.

Do you have any more clues that would help me find it?


What exactly does the peroxide do for you?

The doctor I work for sells the Standard Process vitamins and remedies. I would love to try them but they are way too expensive. Hmm…it is a toss up, do I want to spend the money and shorten the cold or just live through it?

I think I will pass on the apple vinegar and lozenges, ick!

Great post today!

Mizbooks, wow! Thanks for the recipe! I put the hp in my toddler’s ears last night (she was starting a runny nose, this cold is trying its best to get us down!) and she giggled from the tickly sensation, it was so cute!

Olivia, that story was mentioned by a pastor, long ago in a sermon! I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, it was that kind of story. Wish I knew exactly where to find it for you. I remember vividly the part in which the dr watched the clock hands ticking as he made up his mind between life or death of the baby in his hands.

Leticia, your chiropractor sells Standard Process? Wonderful, especially if you get it at a discount. My friend could tell you miracle stories of how Congaplex saved her mom from Leukemia…

We gargle with hydrogen peroxide solution at the first sign of a cold or sore throat. Quite safe, since hydrogen peroxide solution is recommended for use in the mouth, but not to be swallowed.

Rebecca, while waiting for the hp to do it’s stuff in my daughter’s ear I was reading the label and saw the directions to use it for an oral rinse…so your suggestion makes perfect sense, though I’d be scared to have my younger kids do it.

I’ve been using Standard Process for almost 12 years now. I’ve never found anything that works better. My five children do not take antibiotics. I’ve used them long enough now…and my sister is a chiropractor…that I know what we need. Yes, they are expensive and unless this has changed in the past year, you need to have a physician dispense them. Chiropractors are not to tell you that Standard Process will help certain ‘things’ because they are a food supplement and not approved for treating anything. But, I know they work! And, since I’m not a doctor, I can speak of my experiences. My mother is the one that shows no sign of Leukemia after taking 30 Congaplex a day for 2 years. She was diagnosed in her late twenties. She is now 62. She never had chemo. or radiation. Deb

I second Deb’s testimony, Standard Process is wonderful. I’ve known her for years and her kids are never sick, if they are it’s only initially because the SP knocks it out immediately.

Who needs doctors? I’ve got Deborah! :O) I keep telling her she needs to share specifics on health at her blog…

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling kind of yucky. I have allergies and was a sick kid. So, I can tell when a cold is coming on. By noon I could really feel it coming, my throat was itchy, my ears were poping and I was chilling. I remembered reading this post and I thought I’ld give it a try. I definalty didn’t have time to be sick with Thanksgiving coming up. I was leery about pouring or even dripping the hp in my ear, so I dipped a q-tip in and swirled around just inside my ear and at first the fizzy freaked me out. After the second time I kind of liked it. I did it 3 times a day, along with lots of orange juice and an antihistimine a day-the cold never progressed. It really worked!

Wonderful! Glad it worked for you!

We’re fighting a doozy right now, and so far, if the hp is working, it’s hard to tell. Initially, my 6 yo and my toddler had the symptoms, and I used the hp on them. 6 yo now seems fine a couple days later, but toddler is still congested and coughing at night. Who knows if it would have been worse without hp? I started having a sore throat last night, and this morning dosed with hp. I still feel horrible but not like last night. We’re also drinking lots of OJ, but I’ve only been using the hp once a day. I should do it more.

I’m off for a nap. Anything to clear this congested muddle in my brain.

[…] It’s pouring outside, temps in the thirties, and my family is sick. We’ve all got one form or another of the common cold. The hydrogen peroxide remedy is having to work overtime on this bug! Can’t tell if it’s working yet…seems to be on some of us and not on others! I’ll keep you informed… […]

Great site! I’ve been using H2O2 in the ears for a few years
now and so has my wife. I can not remember the last full blown 2 week cold. As a rule I gargle with it too. At the very first sign it’s drops in the ears and good bye symptoms. We keep an old nasal spray bottle filled with
peroxide by the bed and in our travel kit. :o)

Wow! Charlie thanks for sharing your experience with it! I did try gargling with it, and yowsers, didn’t much like the bubble action and aftertaste…ew! ;O)

I forgot to update here that whenever I used it it was good for a lengthy reprieve of cold symptoms, if not a quick cure. The cold we were fighting when I last posted was pretty strong. I think if I’d dosed with hp several times a day instead of just hit or miss, it would have been a sure thing. As it was, my dh expressed concern over what he thought was my over use of it…so I backed off, and we had the whole 2 weeks of cold…or I did anyway!

Interesting…I will have to try that this winter (I’m sure I will get at least 1 cold at some point…if not more!)

Little did I know when I wrote that yesterday I would be trying it out sooner than I thought. We went to my parents house for dinner last night and by the end of the night I had a full-blown cold-sore, scratchy throat, stuffy nose accompanied by a runny nose, foggy head, stuffy ears, sneezing). So now today I have to run and get some hydrogen peroxide at some point (looked and all we have is rubbing alcohol…I could have sworn we had hp). Other than that I have swallowed some honey and am just about to make some licorice tea. I don’t really want to get any medication for colds since everything is on the shelf one day and taken away the next because it is hazardous! Plus I am nursing and don’t want to take anything that could be potentially dangerous to my son…so hopefully this works!

Isn’t that the truth about over the counter meds? I was just eying the stash I have in the upper cabinet and thinking what a waste of space it is! I’ve really gotten away from giving them to my kids unless we’re in dire need of a break from symptoms. Even then, I try to lower fevers naturally or try some other natural remedy.

I hope the hp works for you! Here’s my latest testimony about it…my oldest caught a cold in mid-September and she wanted to try to nip it in the bud with big doses of vitamin C. We were out of echinacea and she hates laying still for 5 minutes per ear for the hp treatment. So, vitamin C alone was what we did and her cold lasted and lasted. Then toddler and I started with symptoms, did the hp ONE night and were fine the next day! Enter October: oldest is on her second cold virus, and I added garlic geltabs to her regimen, and lots of chicken/turkey broth, OJ. Middle daughter and hubby still unaffected by germs. By the end of October, oldest had had about a week and a half of feeling better when she came down with something AGAIN! Still no hp used on her. By the beginning of November, middle daughter, youngest and myself all had symptoms and did the HP treatments 3 nights in a row with lessoning symptoms each day AND I finally ordered the kind of echinacea I like from our chiropractor and started giving it out to everybody! Middle and youngest daughter snapped right out of it after the third hp treatment (I didn’t manage to do it more than once a day). I, however, went ahead and lost my voice for 4 days, but overall, the cold I had wasn’t nearly as hard on me as it was on my oldest (who hadn’t had hp at all) who also lost her voice but had the added stuffiness/blowing nose/sneezing/coughing.

So I think if I’d religiously done the hp 3x a day when it first hit, I probably would have escaped the whole thing unscathed. I was incredibly busy that week though, I mean, having to stay up till 2 A.M planning and executing my 10 year old’s birthday party bash, and making foods etc for different things in addition to an already full schedule.

Wow, what a long update!

I’ve since also discovered a supplement called Monolauren (not sure on the spelling). It breaks down the protective fatty layer surrounding virus cells so that your immune system can attack them more efficiently. It works great in conjunction with the liquid echinacea.

I really want to order some Oil of Oregano…my brother’s family of 8 raves about it, and now one of my homeschooling friends has started using it and really loves how fast it knocks colds/ear infections, etc out of the ball park.

So sorry you’re sick, Geri, I hope this remedy gives you a shot out of the fog! It’s hard mommying when you’re not 100%!

Thanks for all that info!! I used to take echinachea all the time but since I was pregnant I read somewhere that I shouldn’t but I miss how effective it is. Also I will have to look into the Monolauren; that sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of it before! And I’ve seen Oil of Oregano at our local grocery store but had no idea what it was for so that is good to know that it could help me out! My DH just came back with my HP and Ricola’s and Nin Jiom but now tomorrow I will have to send him back again for the other stuff! Thanks! I love hearing what other natural remedies people use!

Well, our chiropractor told me about the Monolaurin-600 (correct spelling, I checked!), he said his instructor (he’s taking a whole bunch of additional educational classes so he can turn his clinic into a well-health center) claims it’s the best kept secret in the medical community! He takes it, gives up to six a day to his 4 year old son when he’s sick, etc. The secretaries in his office both raved about it when I bought a bottle…the company that makes this is “The Key Company”. The only thing is, it’s in capsule form, and my 7 and 3 year old haven’t learned to swallow whole supplements yet. Plus, Dr. Douglas warned me that to break it open and put it in applesauce was just gross. He says it has a horrible taste.

🙁 We took his word for it!

Ricolas are great, aren’t they? Hope you’re able to kick this thing.

Me too! We are heading to the Dr.’s today because so far Kyle is okay but my nephew had strep throat and this cold is moving into my chest so I want to be prepared in case Kyle does get it. I am going to look into those Monolauren-600!! They sound like miracle supplements! I could definitely use that right now haha.

LOL I found out nothing other than that they are difficult to find much out about. I googled it and found 2 e-stores that sell it but had no info on it before Kyle came a-calling. So I will have to check out more at his naptime later today. I am so curious about these and want to try em out!

Lol, what I meant was what did you find out at the doctor’s? Did you have to get on antibiotic? Is Kyle still staying healthy?

It’s great you’re still breastfeeding, he’ll get the extra immunities from you as you fight this thing off.

Yes…so far he’s still healthy, if a little sniffly. But yesterday we (Wade, Kyle, and I) went into town to the health food store,do some running around, and were planning to go to the walk-in clinic afterwards to see what they said but by the end of the other stuff I was so tired and not wanting to wait around a waiting room filled with other sick people so I opted to go home. If Kyle had started to show symptoms I would have gone in just to be prepared in case he got it but he is still healthy as a horse so I went home to rest. Well, planning to rest; my brother showed up enexpectedly so we visited him for a couple hours (unfortunately I was lacking as a hostess but he’s 19 and could have cared less). It’s so nice when he randomly shows up like that because we don’t get to see him that often so I tried to be hospitable. And worst of all!!! He brought brownies and doughnuts and I had just lost my tastebuds from this cold!! I still managed to eat 2 brownies and just imagined what they taste like. The texture is almost as good as the flavour where ooey, gooey chocolate is concerned!

I had to lick my lips when you described the brownies! Mmm. How nice to have a younger brother want to stop in. I’m the baby of the family, so no younger sibs! 🙁

I hope you can get over this stuff without antibiotics. Seems like when we ever went the drug route, we always knocked our immune system down a few notches and caught something else right away. I’ve gotten to be quite a grinch about handing out cold medications (non-natural ones anyway) b/c even though they help one to deal with the symptoms, they seem to prolong the agony in the long run. If my girls are not getting any sleep at night, or if their fever really goes out of sight (I’ve let it go to 104.8 before) then I chicken out and give them something, but usually that fever does its job and they’re so sleepy because of it that they’re getting much needed rest while their body fights it off. I think with fever reducers, they get to feeling better prematurely and overdo it b/c they have a false feeling of energy while the meds are masking the need for rest and quiet.

I want to post soon about the amazing powers of Vicks Vapor Rub!!! Wow…my youngest has had a dry cough at night that has just kept her hacking and hacking. Putting Vicks on the bottoms of her FEET has worked like a miracle! I’ll go into more detail soon, but it’s definitely the Vicks doing the trick. It stinks but it’s a trick I’m going to keep stocked in my medicine cabinet!

I totally agree with you on the antibiotics. I am feeling TONS better now. I think it’s due in part to 1)the HP (I think I got it so bad in the first place because I started that on the 2nd day) and 2) Apple Cider vinegar. The HP definitely cleared my head and ears. Everyone I knew with this cold got an ear infection along with it but I had no problems with my ears and I am thinking its because of the HP so thanks for that! And then I had found a site boasting the glories of ACV and so I thought I would give it a shot. I added some to my juice (in my foggy-headed muddle I added it to grapefruit juice…thinking I wouldn’t be able to taste it because I had lost my taste buds; apparently you can still taste gross things even if your taste buds are gone!). The taste was disgusting so I wasn’t eager to try anymore. But my cough was gone by that night. Today when I looked in the fridge I can see why though-I thought I had only added a little but because I was so drowsy I had added at least 1 cup to my glass!! No wonder it tasted so gross!!

I think too many people nowadays go for the convenience of antibiotics though and it “un-learns” our bodies how to fight off an infection so when something else comes around our immune system is defenseless and requires those drugs again. I try to fight things off myself, if possible. It seems since I was pregnant and now still nursing Kyle I seem to get any cold that comes my way, but at least that keeps Kyle from getting it!

How interesting about the Vicks!! I look forward to your post about it!!

Wonderful that you’re feeling better! APV does work! I always forget about it though! Did you get yours from the health food store…the kind with “the mother” in it? 😉

That term cracks me up!

So glad the HP worked!

LOL I have no idea! What is the mother? I did get it from the health food store (lol because of DH’s diet I seem to buy everything organic now from the HFS) so it is organic ACV but I’m not sure about the mother thing. I will have to look into it. Whatever was in it it sure killed the bacteria or whatever in my throat…but that could have been cause of me drinking a whole cup of it! Ohh I cringe to think of it! And the HP I googled and found tons more info. about how it kills/fights infection like that so it’s great that I did it to prevent an ear infection and keep me a little clear-headed feeling!

Lol, cringing with you! My taste buds HURT just thinking of how sour that must have been…

I think if it has “the mother” in it, it’s advertised all over the label. From what I understand, it’s a murky, filmy thing that floats in the ACV. Supposed to be super for you…to take daily…

I know what you mean about the HP helping you feel clear-headed. It does that for me everytime. And sometimes that stuffy head/fog is the worst thing about colds, especially upon first arising in the morning. So hard to break out of that befuddled feeling…the HP definitely helps.

Yes it did the trick for me…and I really think I would have had an ear infection like my siblings and parents had I not done the HP. The ACV is bought bulk at our health food store so I don’t know about the “mother” in it. But there is no murky, filmy thing in it so I’m guessing it doesn’t have it.

What a nice lot you sound.

I couldnt resist getting involved.
HP. There is a FOODGRADE, I repeat a FOODGRADE HP 35% (You reduce the strength to suit)which is hard to get but safer & you can put it in water/juice & it oxygenates the blood & kills only what shouldnt be in the blood – even cures emphasema according to a book `AMAZING MEDICINES the DRUG COMPANIES DONT WANT YOU TO DISCOVER’ by University Medical Research Publishers.
But for Throat problems imagine the pad area of your big toe as as your head & the waisted area as the throat.
If you get a smooth round ballpoint pen & roll it up the side of the big toe (between that & the 2nd toe in the waisted area)this does marvels. (Removes swollen glands even, in pretty quick time)
Also tilt the pen to the under the toe area
rolling onto the start of the pad. (Imagine this as the jaw)
It would be best if children were taught to do this, because by doing their own they can take more pressure without damaging than if someone does it to them.
Just as when you first wear thongs the inside of the toe can be sensitive at first. If you cant reach the feet do the same to the thumb…but the cure is not as quick.
Everyone should have a Reflexology book. Get some from the library & note differing so called rules & this helps take pressure off you about doing things right or wrong.
More than anything, negative emotion changes the molecular structure of the body…(habitual negativity & expectations becomes part of who you are.) IE “I expect to get at least one cold this winter.” Your body hears & responds to your expectations/order. LOL Sorry Geri.

Judy’s last blog post..By: Mary

Judy, thanks so much for joining in! I love this topic, HP has been a lifesaver to us. I will have to google the food grade HP, that sounds fantastic, as does the tip on using a pen around the big toe…I eat this kind of thing up, and am so glad people like you are willing to take the time to share what has worked for you…

My toes are curling in anticipation! Hee hee!

Thanks again, Judy!

Hi Mary, Any subject I am interested in I sign up a `google alert’ & this sends me links it comes to my inbox, which is how I found you. I toss out many but these can throw up some great info. (Some nothing to do with your subject LOL.) After I wrote on your site I found you had more info on Peroxide but was amazed that there was nothing about `FOODGRADE’ mind you I have had several truck loads of metal I have been spreading & I am pretty tired this past wk so might have missed it. I forget I’m supposed to be old.
My major study (over 35yrs) is what I prefer to call the mechanics of humans as apposed to power of the mind. Those of us born before we were taught to be dependant on Drs were very fortunate to have developed a mindset that keeps us in better health, simply because we have a basic attitude of using our inner intuition. This grew as we grew therefore we trust it more & it works for us. This is what I liked on this group people taking responsibility for their health & more the lovely atmosphere here. There is a fine line ofcourse between recklessness & responsible & this is hard to teach.
First of all forget what you were taught about humans being INTERLECTUAL BEINGS we are not & never have been. We learn, create, do everything via emotion….it doesnt matter how good advice is we will ignore it, fight it if our emotional programming does not agree.
My fascination in this study has been that its link to the bible which I had rejected along with man created religion many years ago. (Now I have probably upset many)
If you see your mind as a garden & thought as seeds for food & weeds you begin to grasp the necessity for weeding & taking responsibility for what you allow yourself to (dwell on…water & fertilizing)
Now see that every thought is creating (within you) a recipe/ formula that not only influences our health but who we attract to us & the happenings we experience. What a conflicting mix!
When we change these we find those change also & you begin to see how you can deliberately control your life.
Mistakes are lessons & lessons are for learning…not an axe over your head.
Just take note of some of the thoughts you let in. Its no wonder we can be full of fear & not strong etc.
Building inner strength generates powerful electromagnetic energy which produces a shield of protection. This is why people
experience miracles & some have IE fallen from planes with hardly a scratch. Sure they felt the fear but let it go (probably saying what the heck, this is it) but they did & what they didnt fear didnt come upon them.
By your word (INTENT) you are justified or condemned. Intent can be described as a word injected with an emotion & can change the meaning of words from a positive to a negative, our choice. We can say words but mean something else entirely within. We might fool others but we cant escape, or hide from our own monitor…our intent.
Imagine the mind having two columns with headings. FOR YOU…. AGAINST YOU.
GOOD…BAD. POSITIVE….NEGATIVE. Every thought is registered. I know which column I found very long.
I read that everything we do is a talent & for every talent, we have the exact ammount of talent for its opposite. I thought heck I must be a pretty nice person somewhere so I began practicing to change my undermining ME thoughts & emotional responses.
If you meet a nasty person Know that they are not really, they are simply a person really down on themselves & if they stay there they will experience more reasons to be miserable & nasty….Because according to your faith (belief) it is done unto you.
Each night practice by affirming, protection around you, your family, your home, car etc. Inject a positive note in this.
Where there are two or more gathered in my name HEAD & HEART ageement.

Oh Judy, this is an open forum for expressing all viewpoints, and you don’t know how welcome your comments are…especially because they are obviously shared from such a compassionate place in your heart. The only times we get “upset” are when people come on here and viciously attack, call us names, etc. I just want to tell those people, that no amount of progress will be made between us when anger is the motivation. I appreciate your reminder, that it’s not the people, it’s their negative approach to life that gets in the way. Interestingly, much of what you shared in the above comment matches my deep beliefs in God and what He’s done for me…I found the parallels there, even though the huge difference between us would be the lack of God in how you have found peace and joy.

A couple parallels that really intrigue me, for example, the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:4, that in God we find the power to destroy fortresses…and then “fortresses” in verse 5 are described as thoughts and speculations in our minds. I’ve gotten in the habit of using specific scriptures as instant reminders when the thoughts (that you mentioned) try to gain a foothold in my mind. His word acts as a great filter, strengthening me and helping me be a better, more fulfilled person.

Then, what you said about “nasty” people being a product of their viewpoints and lack of faith…is so like Ephesians 6:12, “for our struggle is not against flesh and blood (the person) but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Your evening practice of affirming protection around you and your loved ones is something I do by prayer to my Heavenly Father…

Again, I appreciate the respectful approach you took, even though you don’t agree with the Biblical approach I believe in with all my heart. I know from your comments that you feel the same results can abound from positive self-talk and believing in yourself. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, just wanted to share that so much of what you said resonated within me, but for different reasons. I definitely believe that our minds are gardens and the fruit from them can be seen and evidenced as we pour out of ourselves into others. I don’t believe that miracles are a result of positive thinking, not just in and of ourselves anyway, but of positive faith in God’s ability.

I know you disagree, but I’m glad for the opportunity to dialog with you!

Hope you have a great week, catch some rest if possible, sounds like you’re in the middle of a grueling project!

Hi Mary I opologise for not making contact sooner I love what I feel from you.
I really am swamped at the moment which has left me feeling unable to feel like conversing in any deep or coherant manner….& I wont now. However I will say I believe in the very sound basics of the bible just not the man created extensions & interpretations of these….the RELIGIOUS & Global Leaders interpretations that have filled THE PEOPLE with insecurity & self doubt, Guilt, that has crippled most people & (blinded us from our) deprived us of our very real INNER STRENGTH. (Also separated us so we cant even see we all belong to the same human race.) To re-find this I find very exciting.
Is this your site Mary?
I do wonder if I have pushed this subject onto a wrong page.
Although I do quite well on the computer I am far from computer literate.
For years my children tried to get me interested & I strongly refused saying the darn things are not even logical. They would chuckle like I was some sweet thicko with her head in the sand.
When they first came on the scene I paid for lessons & every time I looked at the computer it would crash…plus I think I had a useless teacher because I came out knowing less than I thought I did when I started.
One day 2 of my nieces (unaware of my strong opinions or they would not have DARED)arrived with this monster (& I couldnt burst their proud bubble) so I was stuck with it…They now know & laugh saying they created a monster. On dial up my children would ring one of them saying if you see mum we are trying to get hold of her…then I was given a mobile phone that they would ring & that was my signal to clear the line. LOL
I have 5 children & the closest would be 400 miles from me & one in Australia.

I have been finding odd letters I have obviously typed & changed my mind (I hope LOL) floating through this post so its time I went to bed.
All my very best to you & the group (is that what you call it?)

Judy’s last blog post..By: Mary

Hi again, Judy, glad you came back!

Basically my site here is just a simple home blog, so the “group” of ladies you’re asking about, consists of whoever is kind enough to hang around here and keep the conversation flowing! 😉

I know what you mean about resisting computers/internet…we did for a while, but when gifted with a used one, well, we fell in love with this instant access to anyone, anywhere! I can still remember the dialing up noise, the magical sound of it those first few weeks! Lol! Glad your nieces got you on board!

I so identify with feeling swamped…we just got home from a week’s camping up north, and I’m getting my house back in order. Hopefully the rest of summer won’t be so busy! It’s all been great fun though.

The Bible is the ultimate authority…I like your aspiring to keep to just the Bible. It always amazes me, how many help-books exist in Christian book stores across the country. Not that there’s nothing good in them, I’ve got several favorites, but I do see your point. Just studying the Bible and its many layers is eye-opening in itself.

Don’t worry about this post being about head colds, comments can go anywhere as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

I’ve found that reflexology can really help with head colds in some cases but the reasoning behind it is kinda lost on me. I think that perhaps the soothing nature of reflexology can help people get over illnesses. But I don’t know. It’s something scientists ought to look into! Lovely site btw. x

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