Election Results? Be Encouraged.

I’m blessed with such godly parents. This morning, after watching the discouraging results of our state’s elections last night, I was comforted by the email awaiting me…written by my mom. Here it is, and thanks go to my wonderful gem of a mom!

Well, this morning, after the results at the polls, we have to see if our divine viewpoint is up and functioning! Remember, in Daniel, how God set up Nebudchadnezzar (evil) and then humbled him? Remember in Psalm 118:6 and 8 how ‘the Lord is on my side…What can man do unto me?’ and ‘It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. And Prov. 21:1 where the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. We are loyal Americans and we treasure the right to vote but the whole process is in God’s hands. He sets up some leaders for cursing and some for blessing. Democrats are not evil because they are democrats. Republicans are not good just because they are republicans. I heard Jan Michaelson on WHO as we were driving south of … the other day. He made a dogmatic statement that is based on solid Bible truth. He said, “the only purpose of government is to protect its citizens from evil!” But we believers have accepted the view that government owes us something and so we are crippled in our viewpoint. Where did we get the idea that our hope is in a republican governor or president?

I want my hope for freedom as an American to be based on what God has said, not on the veiled promises of ANY politician, don’t you? Our nation really needs to be judged and it is being judged…God being taken out of schools, the media, government, etc. But not out of our lives as individual Christians, right? Its kind of special to remember that ‘my times are in His hands’. and ‘when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold’ and ‘all things (election results too!!!) work together for good’. So whether you wanted the results of yesterday’s elections to be democratic or republican, don’t put your hopes or fears on the political ‘line’. Go with God!!!”

Wow, I feel better, don’t you? :O)

(Mom, you need a blog!)

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