WK: Stamping Fun

card.jpgHave to admit, this Weekend Kindness assignment was another case of perfect timing.

Our family went to Hobby Lobby last week to buy some stamping supplies…as my oldest daughter wanted to make cards for her “birthday craft”. Imagine our excitement as we came down the stamping aisle to see that EVERYTHING was 50% off! Everything! So we were able to get twice the amount for the money…stamps to make a variety of cards…and alphabet stamps in upper and lower cases…white cards/envelopes, cream colored cards/envelopes, postcards, etc. And today, we stamped to our hearts content!

It was so much fun. Reminded me of a few years ago when my dear friend Jana came for a few days visit and brought me the coolest hostess gift…supplies to make “coffee themed” cards. Don’t you just love it when someone takes your interests to heart and blesses you like that? Love you a ‘latte’ Jana! 🙂

So, I scanned my “Just Because” card for dh…assignment fulfilled. Now we girls are going to hurry to the mailbox so he’ll find it (and the ones they made for him) when he gathers the mail on his way up our lane…

Thanks for another fun WK!

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