Energy AND Fat Loss Part 3

Today we talk about how starved our bodies are for oxygen and water.

The Importance of Deep Breathing

Straighten up, no slouching! Good posture encourages good breathing and we are lazy, shallow breathing chair slumpers! Okay, even if we don’t slump, chances are we rarely take a good cleansing, belly-distending breath. Think of the productiveness and energy we are missing out on!

In Flip the Switch by Robert K. Cooper, PhD, we read,

Oxygen is the central fuel for metabolism and energy production. When you don’t take in enough oxygen with each breath, your metabolism automatically slows down, your cells are unable to effictively burn off excess body fat or resist turning new calories into stored fat.”

Poor posture contributes to oxygen starvation.”

Wow, something so simple as deep breathing can activate the fat-burning process?

The Importance of Water

Drink plenty of it. In fact, Dr. Cooper says,

A recent medical study showed that sipping 17 oz of ice water can raise metabolism by 30% for 90 straight minutes.”

Lesson #1: Maximize calorie burning by drinking your water cold!

Recent research at the University of Geneva indicates green tea may increase metabolism and fat burning by up to 35%”

Lesson #2: Iced green tea, more power to you! My friend Deborah recommends Calli tea available only through Sunrider International. (I like mine with a twist of lemon or lime!)

Most sources recommend drinking four to six 8-12 ounce glasses of water daily. Dr. Cooper shared that each member in his family carries a 16 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle. They can be bought at

When you think that you lose up to two cups of water a day by breathing alone, staying hydrated takes on even greater meaning. (And all that deep breathing you’re going to start doing? Drink up!)


Activating your metabolism regularly maximizes your energy levels and burns fat. It’s truly the key to fat loss that lasts.

You control the switches that govern metabolism. Not the gym, not the hour that you exercise daily. You don’t need a special program. The key is eating light meals, healthy snacks, and activating your metabolism every 30 minutes throughout the day.

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