Making Home

Monday, the beginning a brand new week… What are you going to accomplish this week? Besides the normal?

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to be up before the girls, dressed, and sitting at my kitchen table with a blank sheet of paper and a cup of orange cappuccino–yes, it’s still my favorite. To ensure the homemaking spirit lingers, I’m going to be wearing one of my long knit skirts and an apron is going over my head the minute I get done formulating my “to accomplish this week” list. There is a feminine sort of power in these things, don’t you know? Donning an apron does things to a woman.

And my house needs things done to it! What is your “home sweet home” trying to tell you?

5 thoughts on “Making Home”

  1. Great post. Although most Mondays bring on a new work week there is a sense of a fresh start to another week. The last few weeks have been tough so I’m looking forward to a new start this week! Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to be a regular here too!

  2. Thanks, Colleen! I hope your Monday is a blessing that kicks off a great week! I enjoy my visits to your site and will keep stopping in!

  3. I can relate to Leticia’s comment above!! As spring gets closer I start to look at all the painting and ‘projects’ I want to see accomplished by next fall. I also get excited about my expanded garden and all the delicious things that will come out of it. As for ‘donning an apron’…I absolutely love them! I have a small collection of aprons, hand-made from my great-aunt and grandmother. I think they called them ‘tea’ aprons. They are beautiful! So feminine and pretty. So, that’s the way I feel when I put one on, even my every day ones. And of course…I’ve saved a few shirts too wearing one! Red sauce can be a killer on clothes!

  4. Leticia, there are parts of my home that NEED torn down and rebuilt! Argh…we won’t go there in this post, nor in my to-do list! ha.

    Deborah, you are the one-woman-wonder when it comes to accomplishing things…you inspire me. It’s gutters now, right? I can’t wait to devour seed catalogs with you…if I’m not going crazy by then planning mom and dad’s 50th! :O)

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