Little Girls

Last night my friend MInTheGap and his wife, Virtuous Blond, gave birth to their third child, a healthy little girl…you can read all about their adventure (and it really was an adventure!) at his site this morning.

When I heard the news, I couldn’t help getting all nostalgic. After all, I’ve given baby.jpgbirth to three beautiful girls of my own. Each of whom has a very special relationship with their daddy. MIn, you are in for some very special heart-ties.

My nostalgia resulted in a poem that I titled (not so uniquely–sorry), Daddy’s Little Girl. I time-stamped it to publish at 3 pm EST at MInTheGap’s site. He’s letting us contributors run his blog while he’s on “paternity leave”…so be sure to stop in and help us keep things alive over there this week!

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