Marriage Polars

Me and Her She is compulsive. I am impulsive. She likes it hot. I like it cold. She is neat. I’m a slob. Andy Rooney says, “A’s marry Z’s” But […]

Me and Her

She is compulsive.

I am impulsive.

She likes it hot.

I like it cold.

She is neat.

I’m a slob.

Andy Rooney says, “A’s marry Z’s”

But we are in different alphabets.

I push.

She pulls.

She says, “Down.”

I say, “Up.”

She is night.

I am day.

Living together is hard.

Living without her would be impossible.

~Author unknown

Doesn’t this just bring back newlywed memories? I’d make the bed and tuck the sheet-ends in, he’d get in bed and tug it all out again. I’d have supper ready at 5 pm each night, he wouldn’t be in from choring till 7. (I’ve adjusted our mealtimes). I’d fix veggies alongside every meal, a definite change for him. (He adjusted). I drank water only. He drank a little tea with his sugar. Now I drink coffee and he’s water only. Go figure.

I want to hear some of your quirks, whether they were newlywed adjustments or things your friends/spouses still find amusing…share share away…what annoyed you, what did you do that annoyed others?

Only the things you can now smile about, please!

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LOL, let’s see, what can I laugh about??? OK, I can laugh about all of it because it’s all small stuff. He loves sleeping with the fan on, I definitely do not. He loves candles, my nose is too sensitive. He only reads the newspaper, I only read books. (And blogs, and the occasional magazine.) He’s a Type B, I am an A all the way. He thrives on being with people, I love being alone (mostly.)

But you know what’s really cool? God put us together for a reason. Together we have balance, we’ve evened out our extremes. Together we make one whole person–in two bodies.

He’s an introvert to an extreme, I am too, but not as extreme. He likes tucked, I don’t. He likes open windows all year round, I don’t. Toothpaste…I like squeezed and rolled from the bottom, he doesn’t. I introduced toothpaste squeezers…He likes them! 🙂 I like cats, he doesn’t…but now MY cat is HIS cat! I”m high energy, he isn’t so I go for long walks, he sometimes joins me. He thinks quickly and can keep up in discussions, takes me a bit longer to formulate my response… HUGE blessing in discussions with my brothers (he helps). 🙂 For the most part, we complement each other well. 🙂

LOL. I’m always on time if not a few minutes early, however not all of my friends work on the same clock! I’ve found these quirks to be quite amusing. Thanks, ladies for being so open and honest!

When we first got married, I was in the habit of coming home from work and hopping on the computer– that changed quickly.

As for the short differences:

I’m a people person, she’s shy.
I like older kids, she likes infants.
I like being home, she wants to go out (she’s there all day, after all!)
I’m a night owl, she’d rather get a lot of sleep.

These wonderful comments brought to mind something I read recently. Having a happy marriage is not a matter of finding the right person; it is ‘becoming’ the right person. And with God in the business of changing and filling lives, who can lose?

That poem is a take off of shel siverstein’s poem “US”. It’s in “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. Fun!

and by the way…would you be interested in participating in the Blog tour for Tricia Goyer’s new book, Valley of Betrayal? (


Giggling at all of you and your comments! So many of the things dh and I learned to adjust too…Georgiana’s comment on candles reminded me of how I loved dh’s Stetson cologne when we were dating which he stopped wearing once we were married! Strong scents give him headaches! Guess who else had to give up wearing scents? Yup, no perfumes for me. I use body mists when I know he’s not going to be around!

Annette, thanks so much for coming over! It sounds like you do complement each other well! It’s so funny how introverts and extroverts are attracted to each other…I’m the extrovert in our family, and he’s the animal lover though I’ve learned to really appreciate them also.

Thanks, everyone for participating, I feel like I know a little more about you!

Amy, sure, what do I do to participate? I enjoy Tricia’s books…and thanks for sharing the info on the poem!

I really forgot those days, we have been married since 1995…
But he is a pedantical cleaner, while I might have, what you call, an organized chaos 🙂
He is extravert, I am introvert. He loves to tease me, and I fall for it every time, ending up angry and realizing afterwards that it was just a tease.
He is calm, and I errupt easily.
Not a funny list – sorry 😉

Hi Ann…by funny, I meant to clarify that I didn’t want this to turn into a gripe session! :O) Your hubby sounds sweet! I, too, have a teasing hubby and fortunately learned early on to give back as good as I got! Yet, he still leaves me speechless at times. (Yes, even me!)

I’ve been married longer than you…since 1993. Seems so long ago, and seems like just yesterday.

How long have you been married, Gina? :O) I’m taking your answer as either: A. no quirks even remotely amusing, or B. you’re passing because you haven’t hit 15 yet! I haven’t either, btw!!!!! ;O)

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