How Do You Show Love?

I hope I haven’t exhausted this topic! Here are two places I’d like to recommend to couples wanting ideas on how to daily be a blessing to their spouse. For […]

I hope I haven’t exhausted this topic! Here are two places I’d like to recommend to couples wanting ideas on how to daily be a blessing to their spouse. For men, go to The Generous Husband. Women, go check out The Generous Wife. Paul and Laurie are a Christian husband and wife that take marriage seriously. I’ve enjoyed an email subscription to The Generous Wife emails for several years now. Here’s a little description taken from Laurie’s Generous Wife page:

Everyday you’ll receive an idea geared to bless your husband (a mix of romantic, practical, sexual, relational, and spiritual). Use the ideas that will work for you and use the rest to spark your imagination in looking for ways to bless your husband.”

Then, I came across another post on this very same subject over at Girl Talk. Janelle Bradshaw wrote, Cherish Him–and it’s full of practical ideas on what husbands say their wives do to make them feel cherished! I especially liked this one Janelle shared, taken from chapter two in the book Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney:

“Each time Karin catches my eye in public with a smile and subtle wink, or greets me with a warm embrace upon my arrival home from work, or hangs on my arm when we go out on a date, the message comes through loud and clear: ‘I enjoy being with you and want you to know that I love you.’”

So we’ve talked about how your loved ones show love to you, but how do you show your love?

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Sending snail mail, being a friend and good listener, spending time with those I love, even if it’s just sitting on the phone with a friend! Unloading the dishwasher or even making a suprise dinner for the family!

Oh, I guess by being there, as our lives are so stressed, both of us working full time, barely seeing each other for days sometimes (my husband’s working hours are very different, him being a city bus driver), so just by finding these extra five minutes to stop and listen, to make small nice things, his favorite tea, or a sandwich waiting for him in the middle of the night…
An sms, a kiss when he least expects it 🙂

I show love by hugging people, and doing things for them, when I can.

As for hubby, I do my best to show him I love him by holding his hand in public, kissing him every chance I get and jumping on his lap while he is playing on the computer!

Sorry it was a pain for you, Colleen! Thanks for persisting! I too, love getting “real” mail…and have a cousin that is corresponds with me pretty often. It’s going to be a lost art in this world of email, poor Post Offices! Your last two, unloading the dishwasher and making surprise dinners, really caught my eye…that would make my day! I love taking meals to people…so I guess that makes sense that returning the favor would mean a lot to me! :O)

Ann, sms? Explain the real meaning behind that acronym! :O) My dh loves those little time and food gifts too. Makes it so much fun to cook for a man like that…

Leticia, I can just picture you doing all of the above! I love sharing the recliner with my hubby…we talk longingly of getting one of those “chair-in-a-halfs” some day…who knows, recliners are probably more cozy!

I like to show my hubby my love by making sure to BE there when he walks in the door (he hates coming home to an empty house, so running all my errands during the day is key), and by meeting him AT the door with a kiss (of course! have you heard of the one minute kiss? it’s longer than it sounds! not to mention impossible with 3 kids clamoring for daddy!)…he has a huge sweet tooth, so keeping him supplied in cinnamon rolls, oatmeal bars (his favorite cookies!), or peaches and cream pie is a sure way to his heart…

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