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At Bible study with my parents last Friday morning, we were discussing how Christians can get together and talk for hours about everything BUT God and scripture. How is that? My dad said it’s probably a case of “what a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7 and “for his mouth speaks that which is in his heart” Luke 6:45

Which brought me to realize what I appreciate most about blogging and my community of friends here on the blogosphere…we share from our hearts here–scriptural insight and encouragement. Things we might not find ourselves discussing overly much with the real people in our lives. In agreeing and sometimes disagreeing, we learn and grow in our individual walks. It has been for me, a motivator enhancing my Christianity and stabilizing my convictions.

Interestingly, MInTheGap, in his post today about denominations, has brought up the same concept. Check out the whole post, noting especially his last sentence.

So, I’m curious. Other than Bible studies, do you talk with your friends about what you’ve been reading (Biblically) lately and how God is working in your life? Do you get more of that here in the blogosphere than you do in real life?

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  1. I do not talk to my friends – there are no friends who care, and the number of people in my church is so small, and they do not live close to me…
    I try to talk about God after the service, though, when we stay and socialize, but it is not always easy. You may find me most often sitting at the pastor´s table and discussing there.
    So yes, internet is very important to me, and talking to others here, and reading what others have to say. Sometimes a tiny pat at the back is good, very good…
    One thing which is amazing – whenever I need an answer to a question of faith, it does not take longer than a couple of minutes before it pops up, precisely as i wanted it.

  2. I’ve found that an amazing number of Christians sitting in the pews don’t want to have anything to do with God outside of the sermon.

    I even knew a pastor once who never mentioned God when he was “off duty” It made my heart sad.

    I do have friends that I talk about God with and I realize He’s putting more and more in my life. I am especially blessed by my internet friends and love the way we can talk about all things God. 🙂

  3. That was one of the greatest things about going to a Christian college– the meaningful conversations about God around a lunch table. It’s one of those greenhouse effects that causes everything around you to grow and want to be more like Christ– it’s something that all churches should be striving for their people to attain.

  4. Hi all! :O)

    I like that…the “greenhouse effect”. I guess it’s got to start with one person, if the church as a whole isn’t that way. One person, one family…spreading the light. I know I’ve been around people like this, just not as often as I’d like (in real life that is!). I don’t claim to be that way myself, not like I’d like to be. I may blog about it, but I don’t often introduce it into a conversation as I should. I love joining into conversations already going though!

  5. I’d like to say that my small group from church is the coolest, but I’m sure we could all say that. But we have real honest conversations. I think God blessed us in that way when He brought us together in August. I think in sharing our testimonies it opened up our conversations to a lot of how God is working in our lives.

  6. I will honestly say that the church we attend now is probably more in the catagory of not discussing God or Biblical things. Our daughter is at Bible College now and I don’t know if anyone at our church really asks about her. That seems sad to me. But, thankfully I have a few friends that I can discuss God and the Bible with and they are all very comfortable with it. It’s wonderful to be able to have a phone conversation with a friend that lives their life for God! I’m just now getting into the discussions with blogging and I have so enjoyed the fellowship and topics discussed about our world, family, politics, hollywood…all with a Godly take.

  7. Colleen, I can relate. It’s been a while since my dh and I have both been involved in an outside “small group”…but what a blessing they were. His job, and having more children somehow sidetracked that part of our evening life! I’m glad God put you and your group together, He is so good to us!

    Deborah, we’ve talked before about how important and really vital to a church the fellowship is…glad I have you and your friendship…both in real life and here on the net!

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