Valentine Meringue Hearts and Other Treats

The adorable pink hearts in the picture to your right are fun to make, tasty to eat, and as you can see, a beautiful way to class up a small gift of normal, everyday cookies. I got the recipe from one of my magazine subscriptions last year, can’t remember if it was Family Fun or Better Homes and Gardens…but I found a similar one online at My girls and I made them and took them round to all the family and neighbors…

Here are some other ideas to help make Valentine’s Day a special occasion at your home:

  • adding a spoonful of strawberry jam or a chocolate kiss in center of muffin (before baking) for a surprise treat at breakfast
  • heart shaped pancakes, pink tinted, or served with strawberries and pink frosting! (for the pancakes, pour your batter sparingly into metal heart-shaped cookie cutters right onto the griddle…remove cookie cutter when pancake is ready to flip)
  • all sorts of Valentine treats and crafts at Family Fun
  • make Gingerbread Lollies–at least go look, they are SO pretty
  • make Valentine’s Day flowers (out of a pencil, pipe cleaner stem, red/pink tissue paper petals) to give out to friends at church and school…
  • make heart shaped pizza (formerly something we always sent to work with dh, but the ranch he works for now always eats out at a restaurant for lunch! We’ll have it for supper instead!)

And lest you think Valentine’s Day is a pagan tradition, there is a really amazing story behind this sweet holiday. I’m looking forward to sharing it here with you soon!

Does your Valentine have a favorite meal? Share your traditions/ideas/childhood Valentine memories in comments, can’t wait to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Valentine Meringue Hearts and Other Treats”

  1. Lol, Ann, I can’t help it! Don’t you want a little bit of chocolate or sugar this Valentine’s day? I bet your boys do! ;O)

    Just ignore me, I know that was rotten!

  2. I always think it’s fun to send those boxed Valentine’s Day cards! Maybe I’ll decorate a brown lunch bag and set it on my desk Wednesday 🙂

  3. You guys! I’d be there in a heartbeat, Colleen to stick something in your bag! And Leticia, if only we were neighbors…alas, I only have one mailing day to get you anything by V-day! :O)

  4. Thank you Mary for coming by my journal thank you for praying for me please let us keep incotact I do appriciate all the prayers I CAN GET God bless

  5. HI

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Phyllis! Thanks for coming over…I tried to return the visit, but your link didn’t work for me…

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