I’m the Sander

Hubby is building a computer desk for our daughter’s room! He got today off, so we worked on it all morning. Measuring, cutting, him getting to break in his new router toy!

In these projects I’m his sidekick. Our daughters ran around playing with baby goats and climbing on and off the back of dh’s flatbed truck to watch the action. The “action”? We’re using the flatbed as a worktable!

Besides being his amiable and talkative wife, when it gets to the sanding part, I’m his huckleberry. (Yeah, we use that term a lot in our family!) I can’t tell you how many home improvement jobs I’ve tackled with my handy-dandy Black and Decker sander tool. Every housewife should have one!

I sanded our floors on my knees while 7 months pregnant with dd #1, for instance. I sanded and painted what seemed like miles of tongue-n-groove siding we rescued off an old OLD dilapidated building on our property. It now resides in our bathroom, halfway up the walls, giving a country flair.

I’ve sanded all the woodwork in our house once, some of it twice…that includes our kitchen cabinets, door facings, doors, baseboards, windows…can’t imagine doing it by hand thanks to my electric sander!

Anyway, I’m having a nice computer break while dh and the girls are off getting a couple of horses shod. Desk parts are stained and drying in the shop…

Of course, I can’t hear anything cuz I couldn’t find my earplugs…and who knows what this is doing to my lungs…but progress is progress, right?

5 thoughts on “I’m the Sander”

  1. Oh my, I’m totally not brave enough for that! LOL, actually I’d love to try but we don’t own any tools yet. Can you believe it? Well, I do have a girly toolkit my parents got me when I was younger, and we never graduated to bigger tools. Need a glue gun? I’m your girl!

  2. I have a girly tool kit, too, Georgiana! Got two of them for wedding gifts actually. My hubby has always had access to his dad’s huge power-tool supply, and over the years I’ve gotten him several saws (I’m always amazed at how many different types of saws a man needs! Circular saws, reciprocating saws, table saws, jig saws…and don’t get me started on blades…sheesh!) and recently he got his own nice table saw which allows him to build almost anything. Now if he only had the time! We’ve run into some snags on the desk project…it’s almost put together though…

    I’d love to get together and glue something with ya! I’d even share my sander…

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