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Fun topic! Unique gifts… It comes to mind because I was absolutely floored when dh brought in his finished shop project and gave it to the girls the other night. […]

Fun topic! Unique gifts… myindoing.jpg

It comes to mind because I was absolutely floored when dh brought in his finished shop project and gave it to the girls the other night. I knew he was working on something, but I was thinking a little more along the lines of…a doll house?

Seems he’s been putting his head together with the surfin’ cowboy (co-worker who takes his vacations surfing in sunny CA) . Dh made each girl their own “Indo Board” for Christmas. Here’s what says about Indo boards:

“Indo Boards are the perfect all around balance trainers for any sport where balance would be key, such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding – in fact, any athlete would benefit greatly from Indoing!

“The Original Indo Board consists of a wooden board and a roller. The board is shaped like an oval, with clear light grip on top (which can be used both bare foot or with skate shoes) and wood catches on the bottom tip and tail to keep the board from flying out from under you if you let it roll too far.”indoboarding.jpg

These boards are SO much fun! Hubby built them out of plywood and painted them with liquid rubber for a great grip. In no time at all, my little prairie girls are going to morph into surfer girls! (Modest ones, of course!) ;O) Best of all, Surfin’ Cowboy gave Dh a DVD instructional video, the one that came with his original Indo board. Hubby had us all sit down to watch it before he surprised us by bringing in the boards.

Got a unique gift to share?

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Oh man…that is SOOOOOO cool. I know some active, cooped up in ND boys who NEED those to keep them out of trouble this winter! 😉 Way to go Daddy!

I’ve got pictures of the girls on these boards…as well as pics of many of the other things I’ve wanted to “show” you guys. Of course, they need developed. :O)

One day soon I’ll have a “picture post” with a bit of everything for you. So stay tuned…plus, a digital camera might be in the works…we “might” be buying a used one (3 years old but verra verra nice…), we’ll see!

That’s so neat!!! How creative!! I wish my DH could make things like that! Actually he would like to but we don’t have access to all the tools. That is an incredible idea though! I would never have guessed it!

Me neither! We were shocked! And had sooo much fun getting our groove in on them! hee…

As for tools, dh is getting quite a great collection, but we are so thankful that his dad has everything you could ever want or need and freely loans us tools whenever. Dh hates borrowing things though!

I’m off to make Poppyseed bread!

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