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The After-Christmas Peace

Well, we didn’t get snow this Christmas, but it was COLD at least! Too cold for my fil to get the go-kart out for rides. And no snow for his […]

Well, we didn’t get snow this Christmas, but it was COLD at least! Too cold for my fil to get the go-kart out for rides. And no snow for his homemade tobaggan. Yes, we have some fun times. Like sledding or skiing down snow covered country roads behind zipping four-wheelers. Yee-HAW!

But four different festivities in 3 days takes its toll. The children are angels for the first two acts, but by the end of Act IV, wipe-out! We came home last night, planning on a low key evening of eating/relaxing on the hide-a-bed together while watching The Fox and The Hound 2, but our gift-riddled 6 and 9 year old got into such an argument over what movie to watch (yes, we shouldn’t have given them a choice, but who knew there’d be a problem? These are perfect kids!) ;O) that Christmas day ended on a sour note. Why is it that receiving zillions of gifts has such a “me-greedy” affect on children?  There is wisdom in limiting the fluff of Christmas. Surely I’m not the only one who’s noticed that you could stop at two or three gifts per child (TOTAL)and they’d be happier than if you gave them 10 apiece? There’s nothing worse than a child with a case of the “gimmes”.

As a pre-teen, I remember being thrilled to get a book by a favorite author. Something to look forward to reading on Christmas break! The more we parents give in to the lure of giving the best gifts, the more we lose that sense of Christmas magic.

Today is peaceful. I sit here typing to you in a quiet living room. My children are all enjoying this gift of a day fully spent at home. Free time to try out new toys and games. My new cranberry peppermint Yankee candle glows and casts shadows across my workspace.

A breather.

Tomorrow we girls go out to my dh’s workplace with Cinnabuns and a Chocolate Cream Roll. It’s a kind of farewell to the cowboys out there, because dh is moving on. He’s been offered a job for a Christian rancher at our church, a job that pays a bit more annually, yet gives him half-days during the summer which will allow him time to get back into the saddle making business. We’re just reeling from God’s goodness in this new opportunity.

Then Thursday, we’re taking snack foods for forty out to a teen youth retreat that our church is hosting. Same thing twice on Friday.

Sunday evening the plans have us at dh’s little sister’s house for games, eats and movies. A New Year’s Eve tradition.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas “break”.

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Sounds like a wonderful time and congrats to your hubby on his job, that’s just perfect!

I went back to work today and only two patients showed up, lol! I guess a lot of people are still out.

Hey Mary, we are still sick, but I cannot afford to miss anymore work. My youngest is finally feeling better, but eldest son he is still battling it. Thank you for asking, you are so sweet.

Praying for your oldest…my youngest had a stomach flare up that lasted through the night and morning. Thankfully, no fever or prolonged agony such as you all had. Maybe by NYE you’ll all be 100%. I hope so!

My children only got 1 present each from me (a worthwhile one in my opinion – my nearly 14 month old got a paddling pool which he loves and my 11 year old got a magnetic set)and they were quite happy. They did get several presents from my partner and otyher members of the family. I cant afford to get them tons of stuff besides which they dont need it.

I think on the whole todays children are too use to getting heaps and it takes more to satisfy them than it use too. I have had the same discussion with my 3rd cousin.

I think too that you are blessed if your children are happy staying at home all day. All too often my 11 year old wants to go out and do something. I do go out sometimes (not very time he wants me too) I however tend to go such places at parks that dont cost a cent. This doesnt all please him however we have an excellent park nearby and that does make him happy and if it doesnt we walk along the beach after we have been to the park.

Congratulations on your hubbys new job sounds good. God is good 🙂

Hope you did have a wonderful week sounds like it was going to be busy 🙂

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jen! I applaud you for giving one gift only per child, that’s my resolution for this coming Christmas. My extended family gives soooo many things to each child that we just overflow, and it’s very overwhelming.

Hubby starts his new job on Thursday! Pray please! :O)

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