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Kids and Mud

I’m sure all of you with kids have let them stomp through mud puddles, but have your kids ever come back inside looking like Winnie the Pooh after hiding from […]

I’m sure all of you with kids have let them stomp through mud puddles, but have your kids ever come back inside looking like Winnie the Pooh after hiding from bees in aGood Housekeeping, April 1922 mud puddle?

Wish I had taken a pic of toddler yesterday. (I was more concerned with getting mud out of her mouth) She did a face-down flop, poor thing. If I hadn’t been so upset (it stuck to her entire face–eyelids, nose, mouth–nasty!) it would have been funny. Actually, all four of us girls were laughing at one point, even toddler. (though I freely admit I ranted about never letting them out of my sight around mud puddles again, argh!)

Not fun to clean up after…we’re not talking watery mud, but the thick, gloppy kind.

Anyone else enjoying the spring muds lately?

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Almost all of our small back yard is grassless dirt. The kids sit in it and dig as if it were a huge sand (or dirt) box. They use shovels, buckets, the whole thing. Well, a couple days ago I got out there with a hose to wash off some storage bins, and the yard quickly turned to mud. The kids soon threw off shoes and socks and started trapsing around in mud and puddles. I did manage to get some good pics. . . though none of mine ended up face down in the mud.

My boys haven’t done that yet, and I am sure the day will come.

I did that to my mom! I rolled in the mud, and all you could see of me were the whites of my eyes!

Poor Toddler!

Grace did a front flop on the cement. She’s got a scrap under her nose that makes her look like Hitler! I would have rathered a mud puddle.

I saw that, Amy…that you’ve been threatened with cyclones and everything…guess it’s that time of year here in the US too, despite the fact that you’re heading into autumn and we’re in spring…we used to live in a flood plain, oh I’m so glad we’re out of there! Being flooded in is not pleasant.

Poor Grace! Glad she didn’t knock any teeth out in the fall! Seems everything could always be worse…mud vs concrete? Mud!

Leticia, two boys and no muddy messes?? ‘Course, if you have a nice grassy yard and live in town, it’s kind of hard to come up with enough mud to blog about…count your blessings!

Thanks, Jen! I love that little pic, so sweet.

Ann, I think I know what you mean about having plenty of scary stories to share about raising boys. My dh and his brother have scared me off from ever having boys, just from hearing of their childhood scrapes!

Erika, sounds like a heaven for boys..a mudbox! I’m much more relaxed in the summer time when we can just haul the hose out and clean off outside. It’s not warming up quickly enough!

Its funny you bring that up. Yestarday evening hubby and I went on a walk. When we got back to our own front yard I took off my socks and shoes and was wiggling my toes in the mud(us country girls like to do that from time to time). My husband commented on if I was enjoying myself, and replied that I was. Soon he had his shoes off too. Then I recalled something that my Grandma used to say about getting hook worm from muddy feet. Needless to say he cleaned his feet up right quick.

Ha. That is too funny…or is it? I confess I thought the same thing when toddler got it in her mouth. A nurse friend once told us that most all children have worms/parasites from digging in dirt and sandboxes so much…ick! Gets in your fingernails…the rest is history. This nurse says they see it all the time.

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