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Ransomed Dreams

If you had driven by my country lane last week you would’ve raised your eyebrows. Three little girls–all enjoying mud puddles, mind you–and a mom standing with her nose in […]

If you had driven by my country lane last week you would’ve raised your eyebrows. Three little girls–all enjoying mud puddles, mind you–and a mom standing with her nose in a book. That would be, erm, me.

It all began by email. Amy Wallace and I are both members of American Christian Fiction Writers, and when she queried the main loop asking if anyone wanted to help her market her first book by sending postcards and handing out bookmarks, I thought, why not?

Little did I know then, how much she and I have in common…both homeschooling three daughters for starters. The more I got to know Amy, the more I wanted to readrandsomeddreams9final2.JPG this book of hers! Finally, when it released in April, I ordered a copy.

Aren’t new books just the best? My six-year-old nabbed it from our mailbox and rushed it back to me (yes, I was still a fourth of a mile behind my speedy-Gonzales’s who run everywhere we go). She waited long enough for me to rip open the package, admired the cover with me and was off to hop over and into all the puddles. I thumbed through the book and thought, I’ll just read the first page…

Ha. I kept reading, eyebrows drawn together, at each page-flip glancing up to make sure my three yahoos were accounted for and not completely covered in mud (they weren’t). So I kept reading. Ho-humming at every car that passed (very few did, thankfully) and then getting right back into the book! I’m so lame, aren’t I?

Sadly, it was close to six o’clock P.M Friday. Hubby arrived home from work, we slaved on the deck…the weekend throbbed by taking us to an out-of-town cowdog trial that lasted all day Saturday (yes, I took the book, no, I couldn’t escape everything and enjoy it), had a bit of reading time Sunday but not nearly enough what with finishing the deck floor!

I finally finished the book earlier this week and hastily emailed Amy asking for a copy of the cover pic because…those of you that received post cards or bookmarks from me have the right to know that this book is one you don’t want to miss. Please buy it, hassle your library to stock it and also your Barnes and Noble, tell your friends about it…

And since you want to know the book’s name, and a little bit about it (smile) : Ransomed Dreams, Defenders of Hope Series #1. This romantic suspense is going to wrap itself and its characters around your world. Amy Wallace has what it takes to keep you hoping, smiling, and tearing up till the very last page.

Gracie Lang’s heart is aching-full at how good she’s got it. Married for seven years to the love of her life, mother of two beautiful children…it’s New Year’s Eve. But minutes later, when her dreams crash on a snowy night, how will she ever pick up all the pieces? She tries, on her own. She starts a new life, trying to fill the holes only God can heal. She meets FBI agent Steven Kessler, Crimes Against Children unit coordinator. He has an adorable son, is an endearing hero…but has maybe one too many demons of his own to deal with. And that’s only the beginning.

I loved Amy’s use of scripture in this novel. Many times I was on my knees in my mind, weeping with Gracie, to arrive at the relief of hope offered in that wonderful way of fiction that makes truth come alive off the pages and into our hearts.

Just as Gracie Lang and Steven Kessler will live on in yours.

Buy the book.

And be sure to visit Amy Wallace at her website and blog, which I’ve linked here below for you:

Amy’s website: Heart Chocolate

Amy’s blog: Peek-A-Boo ICU

And stay tuned, I plan on posting an interview with her here sometime soon…

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Well, my dh isn’t, Amy, but the rest of us are! He likes magazines and his Gun Trader’s Guide…lol.

Yes, yay for summer reading! Who’s your favorite author, Colleen?

To you too, Amy! This writing journey has been full of blessings. I’m very thankful for having met you, and thrilled to have a new favorite author in the process!


I’m SOOOO anxious to read this book! Now you’ve whet my appetite even more!

And isn’t it fun to read a book where you totally forget everything else? Hooray for mud puddles that keep children entertained!

You’ve got it Georgiana, those books don’t come around often enough! And we had even more mud puddle joys yesterday…me without a book! 🙁

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