It’s a Hard Rock Country Life

My dad likes to say that God intended for man to live the agricultural lifestyle. After all, cities were first mentioned in relation to Cain’s destination after murdering Abel. Right? So I embrace the country life…it’s a healthy, wholesome, back-breaking way of life…

Think of the pioneers, and how they toiled carving the land into their own little chunks of heaven.Early Spring Flowers, Fence Post, TX

My topic today is on post-hole digging, because that’s what hubby and I did yesterday. The main deck stands, built and railed. We’re now ready to start on the “play area” which will extend from the main deck. Starting place? Four more post-holes coming up…wish it were as easy as it sounds.

Digging post holes is hard work, especially in our yard! Dig about nine inches down and you inevitably hit rock. Dh is an old hand at this, in fact, he’s built a T-shaped, taller-than-me, back rock breaker that when heaved high enough and slammed into the ground–rock pieces dent, then puff powder, and eventually break into pieces that you can fish out with what we call “jobbers”. Two or more feet (however much of this you can take)

down into the ground and you can finally set the 4×4″ post, level it, and pour concrete…

We did this for hours. Taking turns with the tools. Seeing who could get their hole the deepest. Marital bonding. Really!

Sore shoulders and back aside, another benefit to country life is that your children grow up unafraid of getting their hands dirty.

Example: My toddler brought an earthworm to me, and while watching it twine around her index finger she said: “Isn’t it so cute, Mommy?”

Yes, it’s the hard rock life for us.

Pro-Life Post and Flooding

Be sure to visit MInTheGap’s site today and read my pro-life post, The Ultrasound. It’s pro-life week over there, so go support a good thing.

Our area of the country has been flattened by natural disasters lately, and though we were flooded in yesterFlooded Forest Floor in Mist, Jasmund National Park, Island of Ruegen, Germanyday, we thankfully remain intact. At least this time DH was stranded at home(couldn’t get out to work). Once he had to park his truck and trailer, and ride his horse several miles across pasture to make it home to us! We live in a flood-prone valley, but our homeplace is on a pretty good hillside so we’re set.

My heart goes out to those around us who have lost jobs, schools and homes to the tornadoes and flooding. Our prayers are with you…