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Good Housekeeping, July, 1918When it comes to home decor, I love the charm of yester-year. Not a bunch of cluttered antiques, but little hints here and there in the form of baskets, quilts, candles, enamelware (see my spooner in the header pic of this blog), and old-timey art such as the Good Housekeeping cover art pictured in this post.

Good Housekeeping, November, 1931One of my favorite free catalogs is The Country House. I love their wooden signs and wreaths…that homespun appeal. For more inspiring retro content (including recipes), be sure to visit Petticoat Lane, one of Amy’s blogs.Good Housekeeping, September 1926

And if you want to browse dozens of early Good Housekeeping covers be sure to visit…and do a search. There’s something for every room…from the nursery to the laundry room…and if you order today, you get 25% off!

So fess up, what, if anything, says “vintage” in your home?

9 thoughts on “Vintage Home”

  1. I love vintage! In my home my wall pictures probably speak the most of a by-gone era. I don’t like a lot of modern art, unless it is Tuscan in nature. And even that for me has an old-world feel. I used to have a lot more antique type furniture, but they have gone the way of garage sales with all the moves. My tastes have changed some over the years.

    BTW…I didn’t comment back about my Mustang on the Eight Random Things. It was a 1980…not a great year for Mustangs, but I still loved it.

  2. I love the 1900’s always have
    In my house I have several pieces check out my blog
    youve inspired me to do a post

  3. I love allposters – if you do a search on “retro” a whole lot of funny posters come up – they do make me laugh, btw thanks for the mention

  4. Deborah, I agree, you have some beautiful art…I’m still collecting! πŸ˜‰ Missing you, haven’t things been busy lately!?! Thanks for letting me know about the Mustang…

    Jen, I checked out your post and loved it! Glad I “inspired” you! Just returning the favor…*smile*

    Amy, next time I’m at allposters I’ll do a search on “retro”…I usually search in their “fine art” category, my favorite!

  5. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to make a beautiful vintage home. At this time, I truly would love the modern look.

    Maybe there is a way to combine the both and get a tasteful, yet, homey look.

  6. That would be a fun topic to pursue, Leticia…I love home decorating books. My home is not vintage, it’s most definitely country…but I always wanted to do my girls’ room in these types of old-fashioned posters. Alas, they’re more into the western (horses) look!

    Amy, I’d uploaded a database backup plug-in and not realizing I already had one version of it they clashed when I activated them. Had to call on my handy-dandy MInTheGap friend to help me get the blog back up! Whew! Sorry for the inconvenience…glad you came back to check on me! πŸ™‚

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