May 28, 2024

The Past Day and a Half

Three days ago I decided to quit coffee (really, for me, cappuccino). Quit it cold turkey, except for the tiny amounts contained in the green tea I’m using as its replacemencupotea.jpgt. Perhaps one of these days it will taste good to me. I can hope. So far I’ve been dealing without it fairly well, though today I’ve had a lingering headachey weight on my head.

I’m quitting because I’ve noticed in the last six months that when I miss my morning cup and have a particularly long day, I most always get a migraine that evening. Not worth it.

Yesterday some of you noticed that my blog was Poof! Gone. I’d uploaded a database backup plug-in and activated it without realizing I already had one similar already activated. (I never claimed to be techno-savvy). Thankfully MInTheGap fixed my blog and told me what to do the next time this happens. (Sigh. He has little faith in me. Oh well. I’m just glad he wasn’t on vacation and could “save the blog”!)

Yesterday was our last day of homeschool. We celebrated with ice cream cones and hurrahs all around. Today the girls were crafting and playing like crazy…a pretty good indicator of how the rest of summer will play out!

I smoked 5 briskets today, half of what I’m preparing for the lunch we’ll feed the out of town guests coming for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary in June. I’ll keep it in the freezer till the day or two before. Our menu that day will include brisket, turkey, ham, buns to put the meat on, potato salad, veggies/chips/dips, and a really big bowl of grapes. We plan on having cookies set out all day along with coffee, since this is kind of a semi-reunion as well as an anniversary celebration! The reception will be at 2 P.M. with the usual cake, punch, nuts, mints, etc.

I’m really excited to get to see my big brother and his family of 8 who will be coming over from the West Coast. He’s a famous radio talk show host, and the best big brother ever!

Lastly, today was my day to post at Writer…Interrupted. If you want to read it, it’s titled: Weaving Through the Setbacks .

How are all of you?

6 thoughts on “The Past Day and a Half

  1. Im sori that the coffee is migraines one of my best friends has the same problem she also cant eat chocolate

    the end of the homeschool for the summer sounds yummmy

    sounds like youre going to have a lovely June

  2. I understand and commiserate on the coffee thing! Tea has never truly replaced it for me, I’m sorry to say!!!

    Your June does indeed sound lovely! Have a wonderful time with your family!

  3. Actually I’m glad you’ve posted on this. I’ve cut back on my coffees and lattes heaps. I’ve even started drinking fresh hot herbal drinks made from herbs straight out of my garden. Parsley and Mint are good ones 🙂

  4. Thank you all for the commiseration on the coffee thing. I’m missing it for the taste/comfort/habit, and not so much for the addiction, which is a real blessing. I don’t know if I’d hold out as well if I were having the expected migraines/headaches I was expecting to have.

    As I type this I have a half full cup of green tea that started off hot and is now cold. Amy, your fresh herb tea sounds delicious…you’ll have to post how you make it. I have a nifty little individual tea steeping thingie…used to buy fresh loose tea from an Amish source…should plant my own!

  5. I found you from “Writer Interupted.” I loved the poem you quoted! I too need to give up the caffine and will be stopping back to see how you’re doing. God Bless.
    E Bussey

  6. Thank you E! I’m so glad you stopped by…and hope to get to know you…maybe all of us should form a caffeine free club! Lol.

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