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22 Days Without Coffee

Remember that on May 21, I gave up coffee/cappuccino? I’m happy to report that I’ve had only one minimal headache and weird nausea episode since, on the day after I […]

Remember that on May 21, I gave up coffee/cappuccino? I’m happy to report that I’ve had only one minimal headache and weird nausea episode since, on the day after I quit cold turkey.

22 days! It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing I made it through this past incredibly tough week of early mornings, packed days, skipped meals, late nights, company, deadlines…with only the caffeine from green tea (minimal compared to coffee) and NO headaches! With my migraine history, this is pretty fabulous!

Still not that fond of green tea, but at least it cuts my appetite…

Tomorrow, I’ll try to update you all on my wonderful weekend! Suffice it to say, the 50th wedding anniversary was a big success!

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I’ve learned to love green tea. For a new green tea drinker you should start out with the Lipton green tea bags. They are most like regular tea. Don’t boil the water, stop it when there are bubbles around the edges (or if you use a tea pot just when it starts to make some noise). Also, let the bag steep for at least 5 minutes and never drink it when its too hot. Good green tea takes patients.

We are trying to like green tea too, but I am not giving up my coffee. I am glad to hear that you see an appetite reduction. That would be a nice side effect.

There’s another new piece up at A Layman’s Thoughts.

Congratulations on having dropped coffee.

Try the Green Tea sweetened with honey, it tastes so much better than sugar. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

I couldn’t give up my lattes, nope, no way.

I keep trying to get myself to try green tea but it just doesn’t sound that great tasting. I’ve been switching to natural herb tea made from parsley or mint straight out of my garden – very refreshing!

Bethanie, thanks for the tips…I’d bought some organic green tea. I’m not normally a tea drinker, so I knew it would take some getting used to from all aspects! I will try your boiling/steeping tips, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to darken much.

Larry, I’m starting to not miss the coffee/caffeine so much. It helps that I’m not having even the slightest of headaches, which, if I’d made the connection, I’d never had headaches prior to getting hooked on cappuccino. And each year the headaches escalated till I’d get a migraine at least once a month (too much! I don’t know how people deal with them happening more often!). To trade out the headaches seems a worthwhile trade. So far!

Leticia, I love honey in my green tea! I have a friend who keeps telling me about stevia, and I want to start substituting it for all our sugar uses eventually. But I really like the honey as sweetener…

Amy, your fresh mint tea sounds great, and I’m curious about what parsely tea tastes like. If you like that, maybe you would like green tea? Lol. (Wink)

Wow, that’s an impressive acoomplishment! I tried giving up caffeine once–ONCE–but it only lasted a few weeks. For some reason I’m totally addicted; my drug of choice. It’s bad, and I’d like to give it up again someday, but I’m not as brave as you!

I am totally impressed! I’m addicted to caffeine, but for me, it’s tea. I figure, at least the antioxidants are good for me, yes? I like my tea strong with sugar and soymilk.

My husband Captain Caffeine prefers his lattes, natch.


Thanks girls! Makes me feel good to have your kudos…22 days doesn’t sound like much to some people, but hey, I’ll take it! Now if the pounds would just start rolling off too…

And Camy, don’t tempt me with sugar and soymilk! I’m sure that would make the tea experience way more satisfying (I’m a creamer and sugar girl w/my coffee) but so far I’m resisting. If I have to give up my good tasting coffee, I’m by George going to give up the calories too!

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