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Today is my middle daughter’s seventh birthday! I intended on getting this post up this morning, but alas, we’ve been having birthday fun instead!

I’m excited to be blogging at Weekend Kindness again. MInTheGap has rounded up a great group of writers, with the focus of the site being on relationship-builders. This week he’s introducing all of us, and I titled my intro: An Invitation to Linger. In it, I explained why I named my blog Home-steeped Hope, and no, it’s not because our home is nestled into a steep hillside, though that in itself is certainly true.

I began with this quote:

“Tea was once reserved for the upper classes who had time on their hands. Nowadays, it’s the opposite. We’re so busy that we take tea to escape from the pressure and the fast pace, especially when someone invites, ‘Oh, do come for tea…’ Now, you have an excuse to linger.” ~Gail Greco

And you’ll have to visit Weekend Kindness for the rest…

4 thoughts on “BloggingToday at Weekend Kindness”


    I will head over the MIn’s place. I haven’t visited in a while.

    Have fun and enjoy all those sweet goodies!

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