Weekend Kindness

Weekend Kindness

This week’s assignment is to blog about a time when someone was kind in a way that touched you personally… There are so many ways I could go with this […]

This week’s assignment is to blog about a time when someone was kind in a way that touched you personally…

There are so many ways I could go with this one so I’m going with the most recent.

Dh and I rarely use babysitters. For one thing, he is extremely choosey about who we ask, and another, our extended families are on the run constantly and rarely available. When they are available, we feel guilty asking b/c they get so little down time. So it means a lot to me when someone watches my children. Even more when they offer with excitement in their voices!

Our neighbor is one of these people. She’s my walking buddy, is in her late sixties and always up for having my girls over. In fact, she’s called and invited me to just drop them off whenever. Her toys will be ready to play with, and craft supplies will be all over her card table. Better yet, she’ll often  call me and say, “Please let them stay for lunch, we’re having so much fun!” As you can imagine, this just warms my heart. You can tell when people don’t want to watch your children. And there is a definite difference between them dragging their feet about it and them genuinely having a reason why they can’t. I hate to say it, but I’ve been guilty of the former. My neighbor’s graciousness in this area has really been convicting and I’m happy to say, life-changing. My sister is this way also…genuinely wanting the kids to visit when her hectic schedule allows.

So I’m grateful for this friend and her love for my little girls. Our world needs more “Bonnie’s” who are willing to take an unselfish interest in young mothers and their offspring!


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Babysitting that you can trust is really hard to get! I know! We end up using my parents a lot, and occasionally try someone from church– but we really need to get out more! I’m glad that you have someone to encourage and help out!

My WK is up!

Oh, this post is so cool. When my children were little we lived in a different town and our elderly next door neighbour was also called Bonnie, she was a lovely lady always ready to help and she loved our children. To this day she and her daughter and good friends of ours. Your neighbour sounds like a gem 🙂 btw is it ok if I link to you at my blog?

We used to have neighbors like this. It was such a help when our girls were small. We didn’t have alot of family living close then so it made all of the difference. We certainly miss them.

I loved this example of kindness! When I was a teenager, I was a babysitter who was in very high demand. My Mom was very proud of me but I didn’t realize until much later why my “clients” as I called them were so happy to have me. I genuinely loved their kids, to the point of refusing money when I had really enjoyed the evening. When it came to my nephews, I frequently looked after them and often refused payment because I had just enjoyed hanging out with two very special little boys. Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories and for letting me realize I might have brought some joy to some parents.

My WK is up!

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