Please join me in the Weekend Kindness Meme:

“Your mission for this weekend, if you choose to accept, is to purchase a candy bar (does not have to be elaborate or big) and attach some kind of encouraging writing– be it a verse, poem, limmrick or joke– and place it for someone to find but not let them know it’s from you! Write about the experience– what did it feel like getting it ready? Were you able to see their reaction? Did they find you out? What did you learn about the experience.”

The new missions are posted each Wednesday, and you have till Friday to check in at the site if you decide to participate. Then over the weekend, blog about how it went!

P.S. I get points for each new recruit! (just kidding!)

3 thoughts on “Mission-ready!”

  1. If you get a bunch of new recruits, we’ll definitely find a way to give you some points. What they will mean or what you can redeem them for– that’s hard to say!

  2. Found you guys this week and I am going to participate. I am grocery shopping this morning and will purchase a candybar and I think I will leave it in my daughter’s room. She is coming home today after begin gone for almost 8 weeks.

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