Weekend Kindness: Give a Food Gift

So, week 6 of Weekend Kindness…and our mission was to Create a Confectionary Masterpiece. I’ve done a few confectionary pretties in my life, but didn’t have time this weekend! However, I did give the gift of my time with my children as we made caramel corn and an apple pie for their daddy in celebration of all the work he does as the official “laborer” in our family! Apple pie is his favorite dessert, and my oldest daughter took the leftover pie crust and created small heart-shaped treats which she frosted and dusted with sprinkles. So we had plenty of special treats for Labor Day.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Kindness: Give a Food Gift”

  1. I LOVE apple pie! I keep forgetting that this is the time of the year that the apples are the best. We have a family favorite called “Brown Bag apple pie” and it is wonderful. You actually bake it in a brown paper sack and it has a streusel topping instead of a crust. It comes out with this wonderful sweet woodfired taste that always gets rave review when we share it with friends. Of course they don’t know what we bake it in until they taste it.

  2. Wow, really? I love streusel topped pies, especially cherry and peach…I’m gonna have to find out more about baking it that way…

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