June 15, 2024

How Did You Get Engaged?

MInTheGap over at Weekend Kindness has started a “What’s Your Story?” meme. Time to share our engagement stories…here’s mine!

I met my future dh when I was a junior in high school. We quickly became best friends, and his interest turned early on to one of a more serious nature! I wasn’t ready to think about marriage…so I broke things off with him.

Fast forward to the summer before my senior year. I’d been missing my best friend and committed to praying about getting in touch with him again. God showed me in a series of affirmations that we were, indeed, meant to reconnect. Meanwhile, dh had been letting me “sow my wild oats”–he’d graduated three years before–and was waiting in the sidelines with a pretty much broken heart.

God got us together, and the night of the Christmas dance–December 18, 1992–after asking my dad for my hand in marriage, the love of my life presented me with the most beautiful diamond engagement ring.
I had a blast showing it off to all my friends, and we got married a month after graduation! That was fourteen years ago…and we’re still best friends.

I’d like to hear the engagement stories of the following bloggers:

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Here’s How it Works:

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  • Write your story of how you got engaged.
  • Select 3 bloggers that are married or have gotten engaged and let them know that you want to know their story.
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21 thoughts on “How Did You Get Engaged?

  1. I came across this while looking for a salsa recipe and would like to add my 2 cents worth. I met my wife in church. I sat back in the corner and every week I saw what would become my wife in the choir. After finding out her name I worked up the courage to talk to her. I had her go shopping with me and surprised her by looking for a ring. She reminded me on the way home that I had not asked her to marry her!! It is still going strong

  2. Richard, what a romantic story, love at first sight! I’m curious how long your courtship/engagement was…and if your shopping for a ring was your first real date? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that, and I’m so glad you’re relationship is solid. How many years?

  3. sam and i met in the spring of 1987 at college and we’ve only had eyes for each other ever since. we got married under the chupah in the spring of 1993. 🙂

  4. Me too, 1993 was a good year! Isn’t it the best to know you’ve got the soulmate of your lifetime? I wish everyone had it so good! There’s just something about that *knowing* that you’re safe with that person, and neither of ya are going to be looking elsewhere!

  5. Mary,
    Our first date was April 25th 1983 I had tickets for a concert on the 24th but was turned down because of her Father’s Birthday. good indication of her values!
    It was on INDEPENDENCE DAY that we went shopping for the ring, We were married the next spring over Easter vacation. We were not allowed to have our wedding in June
    because of my job.

  6. Richard,
    I’m impressed at your memory, specific dates and everything! 24 years together, pretty wonderful track record. I’m so glad you came back and shared more about your engagement!

  7. Ok…:

    One of the first dates DH and I went on was to this public attraction near where we lived at the time, these Hot Springs. They were packed but we had a nice dinner and went to the Hot Springs afterwards. We always thought of it as “our spot” because we went there several times during our dating months, sometimes bringing my siblings along. Then one time on our way to his parents home after we had gone there he started to tell me how if he wanted to get into his electrical apprenticing then he would have to move, possibly way up North, but that he still wanted to continue our relationship and we’d be able to visit every so often. A year before I had just finished a very bad long distance relationship and there was no way I was going to ever do one again, no matter how much I wanted to…and I usually am not a crier but I couldn’t stop crying. So then he asked me to move up North with him. I am Catholic so I told him no; not only for my own sake but for my parents…Dad woulda had his head on a platter! (J/K). Anyhow, that kinda ruined that trip.
    By the end of the next week every time he came to visit me he had this huge grin plastered on his face and it was really starting to annoy me…I kept asking “are you ok??” “what’s wrong with you??”. I said something sarcastically at work even about how “I doubt he’s going to pop the question over this”…Sure enough the next Saturday we went to “our spot”, had dinner, and then went down to the Hot Springs. They were packed that day. The cool thing about these Hot Springs is they have caves going into the rock mountainside adjoining the hot pools. So we were sitting on a ledge in the cave with all these kids and parents milling around when he got down on one knee and proposed! The funny thing was that since the caves are SO hot and it’s hard to breathe anyways…I was having extra problems breathing then. It was amazing though!

    Sorry it’s so long!

  8. What a great story! I can just picture it all, your way with words painted it perfectly! I’m so glad you held out, Geri, what a wonderful happy ending! So how long did you guys date before marriage?

  9. We met on August 1, 2005 and were married on December 17, 2005…so not very long at all! But I knew he was the one and my family loved him so that helped alot!

  10. Woo-hoo, 4 months! Flash-romance! How exciting…it’s wonderful that you both knew it was the real thing. So you’re almost 2 years old together!

  11. Yeah…it’s funny because it feels like ALOT longer! When you said 2 yrs I was like “no…isn’t it 3?”…but then I counted and wow! And now time will really fly by having a child!

    That’s neat that the day you got engaged was the day after our wedding (different years though).

  12. For me, when our anniversary rolls around, I’m astounded at how long we’ve been married. I don’t feel as old as I thought people were who had been married 15 years! (we’ll be fifteen next July!) I know when we got married, my older sister had already been married 5 years, and that sounded like a lifetime to a young 18 year old! Time flies, that’s for sure. Sometimes I look forward to having the mortgage paid off but then I stop and think, no! That means our oldest will be 15 already! She’s growing up too fast! (Unless by miracle we got the mortgage paid off before its time was up! Now that would be FINE with me!)

    Yes, December 18, 1992, I’ll never forget that special night! I bet you had a beautiful Christmas wedding! What were your colors?

  13. Silver and blue…congratulations! 15 years is a milestone to most people nowadays. I am so happy for you guys! That is amazing! It’s so sad how marriage nowadays is taken for granted. There’s so few “troopers” left who actually respect the Sanctity and importance of a marriage vow. I am so happy to hear when a couple is together for so long!

  14. Yes we are! I often thank God for sending my dh to me while I was still young so we could truly spend as much of our lives together as possible…but in this day and age, how scary to get married that young, unless you know it’s of God. So much easier to go wrong than right.

    I was such a baby but thank God it all turned out just fine!

    Thanks for the congratulations!

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