Anything Short of Hell is a Privilege

Some of my greatest epiphanies occur behind the wheel. Thankfully these flashes of insight usually occur when I’m alone, because they’re almost always accompanied by tears. (You guys are going to think I cry all the time. Actually, I never! Just lately…)

For instance, a couple of weeks ago, on my solo way to a baby shower, I was listening to the hymn Amazing Grace. I’d just been fretting about something or other that was feeding my discontentment in a certain area, and wham! The words from the song hit me in the chest and immediately I felt convicted of the following, and I even jotted it down so I’d remember:

How dare we think that God’s plans for us are less than what He promises?

Seems pretty simple, but as with all epiphanies, it was so right on for my internal angsts. The lyrics kept washing over me…

“Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me–I was blind–but now–I see…”

With these truths before me, I definitely felt wretched! I’d been comparing again, and finding my life “wanting”–am I the only one that struggles with this? Anyway, how dare I be discontent with any part of this God-ordained life I lead, one that frankly, is incredibly blessed above and beyond all that I could ever ask or think!

So I may not have the money to complete this or that disaster-waiting-to-happen or some such other tripe that got my contentedness off track to begin with. So what?

Someone once said, “We should not doubt in the dark what He has shown us in the light.”

Worth repeating: “We should not doubt in the dark what He has shown us in the light.”

Yes, I was so blind but now I see.

Because, as Mark Lowry put it so eloquently:

“Anything short of hell is a privilege.”

Don’t you agree? Don’t let a little darkness morph into a faith crisis as I almost did. Rest in God’s sovereignty. We are shaped through our pain.

The plans God has for us are for our good, not for our evil. This doesn’t mean His plans are for our financial gains, or for our material comforts, or for us to be considered popular by the masses, or for one month without health tests. To me, it means that the circumstances He allows in our lives will bear fruit for good, not evil, if we keep trusting!

Father, take the wheel. Because in my hands, it too easily detours…and sadly, wide is the path to destruction when we let our failures take root, and turn into bitternesses, and forget in the darkness what You told us…in the light.

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Colleen, love you too! Thank you so much for telling me that you’re letting it sink in. I sometimes wonder if all the layers of what I want it to say, are coming across. Sometimes personal “epiphanies” only make sense to those they happen to! I appreciate ya!

Beck! Thank you! I will never forget my first visit to your site, when you were banging your head against a wall due to wasting time reading a poorly-written inspirational novel. Since then, I’ve seen your point more and more often (sadly!), but (hastening to say!) still think there are a ton of great Christian fiction novels out there! 😉 So all that to say, your compliment, regarding my non-fiction, really means a lot!

Geri, thank you! I published this that morning, went to church and thought off and on all day…did that make sense at all, or did it sound like a big whine fest…as if I believed the whole Christian life was One Big Drag, which I don’t! I’m so glad to come back and re-read it and see you all’s comments, and know it “worked” out. Thanks so much for all your encouragement!

What a blessing you are to me honey. Your blog today just shrieks of Romans 8:28 and 2 Cor. 4:15. Another reason for me to give thanks. And your blog friends are such a blessing to me too. ‘Aint life wonderful’ with Him at the wheel?

Mom, if I’m a blessing to you, it pales significantly to the blessing you are to me. I love you so much and wish I had more days in the week, and hours in the day to somehow show it more.

It is wonderful and He’s blessed me with all of you!

And I have my “great epiphanies” in the shower- no lie. Often I’m standing there letting the warm water wash away the stress of the day, and the Lord speaks to me. Crying,singing,praising the Lord-in the shower.

Georgiana, I’m so glad if it blesses you too. Just rereading that statement almost brings tears to my eyes again. It’s something I needed reminded of!

Bethanie, sounds good to me! Though, our shower is currently kaput, so I’ll have to keep having mine in the car!

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