Merry *CHRIST*mas 2007!

We wish you all a very blessed Christmas! May God and His gifts be at the center of all your celebrations, even if it’s only in your own heart. This year, why not make a special gift of your own to God? Something personal, requiring sacrifice. Something to bring Him glory in the last days of 2007 and the coming year. Not a “new year’s resolution” but kind of, with a spiritual emphasis! 😉

My traditional Blueberry Buckle Ring is as ready as it can be to slip in the oven for Christmas breakfast, stockings are stuffed, hearts are ready…hope yours are too!

I leave you with a picture of the very large snowman dh and the kids tackled yesterday…after which we all tried to biggest-snowman2.jpgbuild a snow fort, but ran out of steam! And by the way, the pup at my oldest’s feet was sold today (Christmas Eve)…last one in the litter! (click picture to enlarge)

It’s a WHITE Christmas for us this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Merry *CHRIST*mas 2007!”

  1. Merry Christmas Jen, Colleen, and Amy! You bet I’ll throw a snowball or three for you! It’s melting and packing great! And we got some more flurries today…

    Amy-I got a cookbook for Christmas that defines graham crackers as “digestive biscuits”…sound familiar? 😉

  2. Ohh that is so not fair!! We had a warm Christmas.

    I got your Christmas card today! Thank you so much! Hubby had a few of them piled up.

    I had a wonderful time with my family, I am still a bit tired from our trip, but well worth it.

  3. Well, we rarely have a “White Christmas” here…so I’m loving it!

    So glad to hear you had a great and safe trip, Leticia! Aren’t homecomings great? With the exception of extra laundry and the typical housework catch-up… 😉 I’m glad you’re back!

  4. So glad you had a White Christmas, Geri! We still have all the white covering the ground, and it just sparkles as if sprinkled with glitter!

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