4 thoughts on “Potato Cheese Soup”

  1. Mary,
    Thanks for the comment. We had a wonderful year last year. We will let the children choose a sport they may want to play this year only AFTER much consideration. We are also that family who makes sure to let the coaches know that our children won’t be coming to more than one practice a week. I mean really, some parents get a bit carried away.

    I must ask you…what is your middle name? Your posted comment took my breath away. My mother passed away in 2000 and her maiden name was Mary L. Allen.

    God Bless, Joanne

  2. Oh Joanne, I’m so glad you responded! I followed your link over to your home blog from WI, and tried three times to comment but the blogger comment box wouldn’t load up for some reason. I’m glad to know you’ll have a two part on this “radical sabbatical”–I love that!

    I’m so sorry about your mother, but will be delighted to email you my middle name!

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