Gluten-Free Flour Mix

Nowadays, it seems we all know someone with Celiac or Sprue Disease, aka, gluten allergies. My husband is in line for it, genetically. His mother has it, so that ups his chances by ten percent, from what I gather.

Recently I came across a recipe for an interchangeable flour mix for people who can’t tolerate gluten. Here it is for you to use or pass along…

Best Flour Mix (from the Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy by Bette Hagman)

  • 2 parts white rice flour
  • 2/3 part potato starch flour
  • 1/3 part tapioca flour

Make a large batch of this flour mixture to keep in a canister for ready use when flour is needed in a recipe. In a pinch, quinoa flour works well on its own. Try white or brown rice flours, garbanzo flour, and may others if you want to experiment and see what works best for you.

How many of you know someone with this allergy?

15 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Flour Mix”

  1. My pastor and his two daughters are both celiac. The thought that my son could be, but he’s got a milk allergy and now I’m not sure which one is more difficult!

  2. DH has a friend who has Celiac. From what I hear it’s really hard to cook for. Thanks for the recipe! I’ll pass it along!

  3. You all are brave, to be facing this, and my heart goes out to you! I called our doctor today and asked what the process was, and he said it’s a simple blood test. I’m going to try to convince dh to get tested. Hate the idea of it hovering beneath the surface, doing damage even before actual symptoms tip us off.

    Wow, so many of you dealing with this! You are welcome for the recipe. Hope it works great.

  4. So part of your son’s tests were for Celiac? I knew he’d had plenty of sticking. Poor little guy. Hopefully dh can steel himself against it… 😉 Is his being off milk helping with the tummy troubles and lethargy?

    We’ve been having our own taste of the medical kid-torture lately. My middle daughter has been in twice now for foot cysts related to a horrible splinter stab she got in the ball of her foot 2 months ago. Evidently some residue from the splinter is trapped in her foot, because they keep having to dig in there and get more out. She was so brave at first but really broke down sobbing from the pain this last time. We’ve got her scheduled to see a podiatrist later in January. Hopefully he can solve this problem (what is causing the cysts!!) once and for all, w/o surgery. We’d appreciate you guys’s prayers! REALLY appreciate them!

  5. My daughter has celiac condition. When people suspect they have a problem with gluten and need to be gluten free for life they look at all the problems and worry.

    I recommend people look at what you can eat and be gluten free, not what you cannot eat. Potatoes, fruit, vegetables, rice etc are all gluten free and can be enjoyed AND form a healthy diet.

    With suggestions like making your own gluten free flour mix in this article you suddenly see that the condition is a minor inconvenience at worst.

  6. That’s the best possible way to look at it, Heather, thanks for the encouragement. I know I’ve read at Beck’s blog that she’s just so happy that it’s not something worse…her attitude really impressed me. And this flour mix is a handy recipe to keep on hand! I can’t wait to visit your site and glean more gluten-free tips to pass along…and possibly use if dh ever consents to getting tested. He’s not volunteering! 😉

  7. Wow, thanks so much for this, I may link to you in a future post from my own blog. I’m trying to cover tips and news for different digestive disorders, including Celiac, and stumbled on your blog.

    I never even knew there was Quinoa flour… Quinoa is wonderful!

    Tee’s last blog post..Watch the Gluten Intake, Celiacs!

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