My Dh Made This

It’s a leather wastebasket! He made it for a rancher who loves to hunt. Two sides are the deer hide diamondsleatherwastebasket.jpg (rancher’s brand has a diamond around it) and the other two sides my dh carved into the leather himself–copying from pictures of this rancher’s prized deer trophies. The customer didn’t want it dyed…so what you’re seeing is leather–pure and natural.

Ironically, the hand-lacing took as much time, possibly more, than the leather carving. He’s not sure he’ll ever take on a wastebasket project again, but we were happy with how it turned out!

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Thanks, I agree, he is! I wish I had taken close up’s of the deer he carved in the leather…they were spectacular. Oh well, the lady who ordered it is a friend, so maybe I can take my camera over there sometime!

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