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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I now have two 15 pound birds in the house, thanks to our local grocery store having a buy-one-get-one-free deal on turkeys! So it’s beginning to feel a lot like […]

I nThanksgiving Dinner with Turkey and Pieow have two 15 pound birds in the house, thanks to our local grocery store having a buy-one-get-one-free deal on turkeys!

So it’s beginning to feel a lot like Thanksgiving!

I’ve been wanting to do some fun things this year, maybe start some new traditions. Here are a few appealing ideas–some I came across on the net, and some from me:

  • Making a Thanksgiving apron for the Grandmas in your life…this is cute…they took a variety of autumn fabrics and traced the grandkid’s hands, cut them out and put them on the apron, and then decorated them into “turkeys” with puff paints!
  • Having a Kernel of Thanks sharing time at the Thanksgiving table. This would be a good time to share the amazing story of Squanto and God’s plan and preparing him for the pilgrims
  • Thanksgiving games
  • Watch the Macy’s Parade (did this every year growing up!)
  • Make tissue paper leaves. Cut brown, orange, red and yellow tissue paper into small squares. Spread a section of contact paper sticky-side-up on your table and cover it with the tissue squares. Top it with another side of contact paper and trace leaves (that you’ve picked and traced onto cardboard). Cut them out. My kids loved this craft…and if you end up with enough leaves you can make a flat wreath…
  • Buy a special Thanksgiving book to be read every year at Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gPumpkin Pie for Thanksgivingratitude will allow.”
– Edward Sandford Martin

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Tell me about it…your favorite foods, the places you visit, the traditions you return to time and again…

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I love the holidays! I’ve come across several blogger friends who have listed fun holiday ideas! We always watched the Macy’s Day Parade. My high school band was in the parade during my sophomore year! Boy was it ever cold!
We celebrate by all being together and having a big feast. My favorites are the dressing, green bean casserole and a family jell-o recipe!

what a good deal 🙂

good ideas too

we dont celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand I kinda think we should

have a wonderful time

ps Im sori about your blogging friend HUGS

I love the tissue paper leaves idea! May have to try that one – sounds like it could be simple enough for 2-year-old if I help her cut them out. We always spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family in Arkansas. His Mom has 7 siblings, all with 4-9 kids – there are over 35 cousins! Most of them try to come and it’s a great weekend of singing, devotions by the uncles, tournaments of all sorts (football, soccer, basketball, etc.) lots of arguments during games of charades, a pasture golf tournament and usually a little shopping if we girls can sneak away! 🙂 The meal usually isn’t that big of a deal – compared to the food in my family. It’s always the main event among my clan. But as Mom and I say, some of us, “live to eat” while others just “eat to live”. My family definitely falls into the first category and his the second!

Wow, you were in the Macy’s parade, Colleen? I probably saw you, hee hee!

Thanks, Jen, and I agree, you should start a Thanksgiving tradition there in New Zealand! 😉

Haley, you married into a fabulous thing sounds like! What fun to be adults AND still make time for fun and games. I’m envious of the “eating to live” philosophy. Like you, my side of the family really loves food and holidays are always an excuse to go all out! Have an awesome time, and a safe trip!

I love the leaf idea! I think my babies are finally old enough this year to start doing crafts and decorations. In previous years they would have just eaten them. Thanksgiving is different every year around here, haven’t quite found the perfect settings or traditions.

That’s a fun age, there are so many great crafts that are simple if you don’t mind messy! The leaves are a great project, so colorful and pretty no matter where you put them.

I like that, “in previous years they would have just eaten them”! Hee hee. So make edible crafts!

You’re right about that. We’re pretty hung up on turkey around here, but usually at Christmas we’ll have ham. Mmm, I’m so glad it’s that time of year!

Thanks for stopping by, Fireplace! 😉

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