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Wind-bitten, Home-smitten

There’s no place like inside on a day like today! I know, because I was just out there slogging through the mud and snow, doing chores…fighting the North wind and […]

There’s no place like inside on a day like today! I know, because I was just out there slogging through the mud and snow, doing chores…fighting the North wind and getting exfoliated by fresh snowflakes in the process!

It was looking good this morning, with temps in the 40’s, we hit the schoolbooks hard first thing, and spent the afternoon tucked on the couch, under our biggest plaid fleece, reading to the whistle of wind and flapping plastic on our drafty farmhouse windows. Oldest and I dragged ourselves from the coziness for a quick lesson on how to use the bread machine, and then back we went to join the other two…but only for an hour, long enough when waiting for a thick slice each of steamy hot bread begging for butter. Mmm, you bet we indulged!

I’m waiting on dear hubby, he’s had a longer than normal day at work…at least when he gets here he’ll find hot chicken and noodles and his chores done. He deserves it, with the weekend he had!

How’s your weather, your health and your life? Are you getting enough home time lately?

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We just had a very wet week. Everything is muddy, and drippy. But today it cleared up and is supposed to hit 70 again by Friday. I have 2 apple trees and a rosebush to plant, so hopefully it’ll be dryer by this weekend. Our soil is clay, so going out to the mud means 3 inches of mud “platform shoes” after an outing to the corral. We need a path out there.

We’re hitting the books hard in the morning too, but that’s so I can work outside in the afternoons. We got 2 horses over the last few months. I’m not a big animal person. But my kids laugh at me for “harvesting” from the corral once a week or so for compost materials. I also get all the used coffee grounds from a local small coffee house. So, I’m out in the mud layering this stuff in the garden beds. My daughter has aqua blue rubber boots with red cherries on them (thank you Target) that I keep borrowing…soon the garden clogs can go on. Happy winter.

Target has the most adorable mud boots…we saw some there recently with giraffes on them, I had to slap my hand as all three of my girls have very sturdy black rubber boots with red soles. Durable, but not pretty! Lol.

Congrats on getting horses! I wish I could give you some of ours…they are eating better than we are lately, those hayburners!

I’d prefer the salutation of “Happy Spring”! 😉

Us too…we had been having glorious sunny days, so the snow was able to melt so it now only covers halfway up our house :)…and then lo and behold yesterday it was snowing again! Like you I enjoy the snug coziness of being inside in the winter, but I am ready for Spring now!

Mmmm….I am going to make bread in my bread machine now because that sounds so yummy…fresh bread and butter is the absolute best! I was scared; I made a pizza dough last night in our bread machine and it was “clunking” and not stirring properly. Then, when I took it out it appeared to have gotten flour underneath it (I have no idea how!) and so now it is working fine. Luckily, after reading this post I don’t know what I would have done, seeing as I am a dummy when it comes to making bread by hand. I don’t know why but no matter how many times I make it it never has worked. I just get a stale little lump that weighs a ton lol.

We luckily have had the last 2 days at home. We spent the majority of last week out and about, picking up a cold from my little brother in the process. So I was happy to be home the last couple days to relax and try and get rid of it. We decided to sell this house and so between that and birthday parties (my brothers and FIL’s) we have been gone mostly. I had spent all day, plus the previous evening, last Thursday cleaning in prep for the realtor to come take pics…she came an hour late (which is fine…I just had to keep LO in his high chair colouring to keep him from messing things up) and without the camera. The place was immaculate!!! LOL so she said she would come back yesterday (the place was no longer immaculate!) and take the pics then. Anyways I am hoping that in doing all this we can 1)get closer to DH’s work and 2)find a house in the country along the lines of what me and DH would be happy to live in for awhile-we both would like to have some land. Anyways that is what we have been up to!

Sounds like you are back in health Mary…glad to hear it!

PS-I have been working on DH about homeschooling…the more I hear stories like these the more I can’t bear the thought of sending my Lil Man out for over 8 hrs a day…I would miss him terribly!

It sounds like you all made the best of a very cold day! I really appriciate my cozy warm home on days like that! Yummmmm the bread sounds good too! Your children are so lucky to have such a wonderful and neat Mommy.

Well, we have our days, good and bad, like everyone! 😉 But thanks!

I’m glad you warned me about this sickness and how it seems to keep coming around…I was just thinking I was over the hump and now my sore throat and coughing is back. My mil and two sil’s both had theirs come back also, and they were even on antibiotic for their first round. Icky stuff.

Geri, I have nothing to complain about…I can honestly not IMAGINE having that much snow…halfway up my house! Whew, you are probably sick of snow shoveling! And I’m so glad the homeschooling bug has bitten you…at least you have a few years to convince (pray!) hubby that it’s a good idea! Good luck finding the perfect home place, how exciting, to know and move forward with it!

Colleen, I understand! Hoping for good health for you and AR!

MIn, are you saying that your home is up for grabs again? 😉 Or that there aren’t any old fixer-uppers available in your area?!? Lol. Now if you’d mentioned sunshine…that would have clinched the deal!

Horses note: We rent 20 acres out to a farmer who has had alfalfa here for 5 years. He saw we had the horses and gave us 36 bales when he last baled! So far it hasn’t cost much to feed em…The first one was a rescue, he’s fattening up and such a sweetie. The new one is from a friend who has too many, so now the kids can ride together. It’s safer…Neither my husband nor I have ever had horses.

They are a beautiful and special animal to have around, I’m grateful for ours. When dh and I first married, he had a herd of 20. This was back when you could sell a good horse for $1000 easily. Now we consider $450 a decent price. It’s sad! Plus, around here, prairie hay sells for $83 a ton. With our two ponies and 6 horses, we go through a little more than that each week. 🙁

Your neighbor was super generous! Alfalfa is the candy for horses…except it’s really good for them too! It goes much higher around here than prairie hay.

My hubby is so attached to the horses we still have, he just can’t bear to sell them for whatever they’ll bring (at an auction for instance)…and everyone else around here is horse poor as well, so not in the market. I try not to think about their drain on our budget too much, otherwise I get pretty resentful! They are dh’s babies…so I choose to appreciate the beauty they bring to our country life!

Mary, your recipe for homemade chicken and noodles sounds wonderful! I have never made homemade noodles before, but you make me want to try it! Maybe I can find a past machine somewhere this weekend…

Thanks, Laura. Using a pasta machine really takes the hard work out of rolling the dough thin enough…it’s a pretty dense dough. We’re addicted, and have it at least once a week…probably won’t have it so often once we’re over these colds!

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