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Spring Chicks

A loud cheeping and an Aldi’s orange box box have recently taken over my laundry room…this past Saturday, in fact. Twenty of the twenty-five chicks I ordered arrived and boy […]

A loud cheeping and an Aldi’s orange box box have recently taken over my laundry room…this paHome Tweet Homest Saturday, in fact. Twenty of the twenty-five chicks I ordered arrived and boy are they adorable!

See for yourChecking out their new homeself.

Keeping their water clean has been my biggest chore so far. Next time I’ll go with pine chips for bedding over cottonseed hulls…what a mess! Though it is really absorbent stuff. We have three thermometers in the box, one on each end and one under all the bedding…trying to maintain their habitat at 90 degrees Fahrenheit this first week. It’s been fun.

Had a nice surprise today. The girls were all geared up to hit the books hard at the kitchen table when my cousin called wondering if they could come spend the day and have lunch with us. We had a great visit, lots of catching up to do as she just moved back into the area. She brought four of her six children with her, and the weather was GORGEOUS…so we got some sun time in out on the deck while the kiddos played.

Leaving you with a cute bunny pic. Dh found this guy by our barn and brought it to the house to share the joy…never fear…he put it back after we’d loved on it a while!

What spring babies are your favorites? Mine are Holstein calves and wobbly legged colts…

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What adorable pics! They certainly brightened my day! Little baby sheep are pretty cute too…I agree with you about calves though…such big beautiful eyes!

My parents have a new litter of kittens they are so cute. Big sister had a wonderful time looking and petting them. They have one that is completely black.

awww how sweet! My boss breeds rare chickens and hens. I love little chicks! My favourite spring animals are lambs, we see them at the back of our property over the fence, whenever they are being born we always know that spring is nearly here.

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Geri and Amy, we don’t get to see many lambs around here, but I bet they are ADORABLE! Great vote!

Andrea, kittens are the best, especially for little girls. We need to get an orange one, ours died recently and youngest is miserable about it!

Blessings to you too, Juli, it’s raining today (through a haze of smoke…every farmer is burning around us today!)another sign of spring! 😉

Oh! I love the little black ones! They are so adorable. I remember one year my mom bought chicks for me and my sister and I named mine “Petruska” was about 8 or 9 and I have no idea where I came up with that name.

I love bunnies, kittens and puppies. Even though I have never seen one, baby cardinals.

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I agree, Colleen, and we just doubled up on schoolwork the next day. It was a fun fun excuse to kick back with family.

Baby Cardinals, ooh, cute! My daughter just drew a Cardinal today in art, and it turned out nice…funny that you should mention them today!

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My parents do not have any orange ones, but if you are interested in a kitten I might be able to personally deliver one sometime. They are usually supper tame and great mousers. My youngest sister still lives at home so she is always playing with them they really are great pets.

I’d have to check with dh first, but I’m seriously thinking it’s time to get a kitty! It would get a lot of love around here too…I appreciate you offering!

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