June 15, 2024

Calm Before and After, the Storm

Yesterday evening my two youngest and I met hubby’s truck and horse trailer down on the green across the gravel road and down from our front yard. Ten year old daughter and dh had been working at the ranch all day, whilst we three at home had been lazily grogging around after two of our busiest weeks so far this year. In fact, I’d been salivating over the very dream of having time to waste…and when I finally received an afternoon “off”, I slept it away! Couldn’t keep my eyes open…

Hubby unloaded two horses–Legend, a gray gelding, and Baby Lena, a bay. Both gentle, wonderful stock, still saddled and bridled, so our three girls spent the next half hour riding them around and around, giggling and just hurrahing the stillness of early evening.

For two weeks, we’ve had bursting full afternoons and evenings, places to be and meetings to attend, drop in company. Lots of rushing and late, late bedtimes. To simply stand there, arms wrapped around myself, comfy in my old navy sweatshirt and wind pants, mesmerized by my silly offspring’s love of country life–did you hear that pure sigh of contentment? Exactly what my spirit needed.

Off to the north, dark storm clouds built, heading our way. Lightning flashes and rumbles of thunder promised that the horsing around would soon come to an abrupt, possibly wet end. The trees started shaking their limbs at us, the wind grew cool and fierce. Finally, after putting it off as long as we dared, sporadic wet splats of rain chased us to the barn chores and eventually to the house.

We’re probably headed into the flooding, rainy season but I’m thinking I needed a good excuse to stick close to home (we live in a flood plain). I’m not ecstatic about mud, but the fresh cleansing of air, green grass and the filling up of all our favorite water holes sounds like a fair exchange. Awana is over for another year, we have one last square dancing class and then our homeschooling co-op will call it quits for summer break. One more Bible study session left with our small group. Four more Sunday School classes to teach. Don’t get me wrong, I love all these things, but I’m growing weary of trying to fit all the pieces together with homeschooling, etc. Anyway, I’m looking at a relatively quiet couple of weeks before things start filling up again. Graduations, weddings, Vacation Bible School, and camping trips.

By the way, our chicks are growing! Haven’t lost a one, yet. They are hopping flying out of their box, bad little things, and it’s perpetual springtime here with chirping birdies around every corner. We now have two Aldi boxes in the mud room/back porch, and a dishwasher box (Yes–I got a new dishwasher!) in the laundry room with five new baby Araucanas we just picked up this weekend. Yes, that’s three heat lamps, lots of feeders and waterers and plenty of fluffball handling going on at our house! (follow the Araucana link to see why these birds are called the Easter Egg Chickens!)

Well, anyway, I wish you all plenty of calm and no storms. But if they come anyway, just remember that sunshine is sure to follow…

God bless!


7 thoughts on “Calm Before and After, the Storm

  1. Yep, at least once we get through the first week in June. Thankfully we opted out of 4-H this year, so July won’t fly by in a flurry of county fair preparations!

    Hope you make it through to the other side of the storms, Amy!

  2. Our beautiful blue skies have suddenly been taken over by dark stormy clouds, no matter, I love the rain, although, we are supposed to our roof fixed this week and have some dirt hauled in, hmmmm….not good.

    I love the pics of your babies! Beautiful horses and baby chicks, soo sweet.

    Leticia’s last blog post..Various thoughts….

  3. Glad you’re back, honey. I miss your interesting blogs. It was great being with you yesterday and the girls were darlings as always. Thank God you can kick back a little this week. Us too. But the next two weeks have enough going on to fill a whole month. Your chicks are darling. Those horses are SO BIG…scares me to see little girls on BIG horses! But they really love it. Mom

  4. Thanks Leticia, and I hope the weather doesn’t hinder your plans too much! I know what you mean about rainy weather, sometimes it is a nice change…especially when you need an excuse to cozy up inside.

    Thanks, Mom! We really enjoyed yesterday also…and the leftovers were lapped up for supper, it was so nice not to have to cook. The girls are so comfortable on the horses, and these two are really gentle. Six months ago we wouldn’t have let 7 yo on the gray, but he’s had an amazing turn around–thanks, of course–to my dh’s skill in horse training! 😉 Plus, both horses were busy all day, so they had little oomph left in them to act up!

  5. We’ve had storms non-stop up here…we still have a few patches of snow in our yard and it has been raining constantly. Although today it was just grey out with no rain. That is so neat about the Araucanas!! Pretty blue-turquoise eggs!! I never heard of that before!

  6. Me either, can’t wait to see em! 😉

    Guess these spring storms are really widespread…from Amy in New Zealand, to you in Canada, and us here in the states…April showers bring May flowers…unless you live in NZ that is, and are heading into winter!

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